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  1. General T5 Chat
    I've been fumbling around with this for a while. LWB about to be converted. Kids aged 4 and 7 months, so one forward facing booster with extra side protection and one rear facing baby carrier, both in Isofix points on a full width Rib. Wtf to do with the dogs? Here's my thinking so far... In...
  2. Interior
    Has anyone fitted extra tie downs (ideally down the middle of the bed) - is it simple enough to do or is there anything I need to be aware of. I am thinking of using rivnuts rather than bolting through if possible. First things first though, I'm on the scrounge as the previous owner decided to...
  3. Interior
    Hi all, Does anyone know for sure the thread size of the (6) bolts used at the lashing/tie-down/D-ring points in rear of van.. I'm guessing they are M10? correct or not? Is it standard metric thread or some weird VAG thread? Thanks
  4. General T5 Chat
    I have a T5 (2004) shuttle I am currently converting into a camper van. I have stripped out all of the seats ( A triple rear seat, double front and single front) all with seatbelts, fully folding and in good condition. I also have the lashing points and covers, all of the internal housing and...
  5. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi, So after not driving for a long time, saving all my hard earned crust, I splashed out on a van that I've wanted since I was about 16. (only 30 now but hey its nearly half a lifetime ago to me) Got a 2001 T4 SWB 1.9 td 800 special. My aim is to kit the back out as well as I can but allowing...
  6. Interior
    The floor that is! Having got to the stage of seriously considering how the floor is going to go down I have a question: If I use 9mm ply, as seems relatively standard, is it possible to use the lashing points to fasten the floor down, but still keep the floor surface flush? What size bolts do...
1-6 of 6 Results