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  1. Interior
    Opened fuse box earlier and heard something drop. Upon inspection I have the latch pin(pic 1), and the retainer(pic 2) is just square. Is the pin broke in someway or is the retainer missing some kind of insert with a circular hole? Only just got my first T5 and can't remember how it should look...
  2. Interior
    I have used the search function and can't seem to find the answer on here or anywhere else so hoping someone can help as this must have been done. So I've taken a few dash and door parts down to Dan at DRL Hydrographics today as I'm going for the carbon look. However I'd like to get the glove...
  3. Interior
    Just about to start carpeting the back of my T4 and wondering which holes to tape/carpet over and which to leave accessible... These 2 holes are fairly prominent (as well as ugly) with rubber bungs in. The only thing they seem to access is the bolts that hold the door latch. I'm not planning to...
  4. General Technical
    The tailgate lock bottom latch on my van was well and truly stuck on the van, the heads had been rounded so I had to remove by using a Dremmel to cut across it and unscrew, luckily it did come out but the bolts are not useable again. Does anyone know what I should order from eBay? Here's a...
  5. Interior
    Hi All - Anyone help explain how to disconnect the rod from the door latch? I have everything else disconnected, unbolted etc but I cannot seem to work out this last bit - it's T5 barn door - just want to get to the door handle to add a camera. Cheers
  6. Security
    hi im not sure where to post this but my tailgate latch has completely jammed up and stopped working and i need a new one. does anyone know where i can get one? or has anyone got one they'd like to sell me? thanks sam also im after a new power steering pump, i've been quoted £130 for a...
1-6 of 6 Results