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  1. Buying slightly rusted T4

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I have been looking for a van for a while and really can't get away from looking at T4's. Found a T4 2.5 175k miles (MOT runs out next month) from a really nice genuine seller (old works van) who was honest about the faults. Faults are the normal rusting spots , including rusted through on the...
  2. Oil leak???

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have only just got a T4 and opened bonnet today to fill the washer fluid and saw what appears to be an oil leak from a one needed pipe? What is it and do I need to worry? I’m very new to this and appreciate any help!!
  3. thermostat - replacing

    General T4 Chat
    Had to replace the thermostat housing on my 2.5 tdi the other day, and thought I'd replace the thermostat at the same time. Anybody that's done this will know that it's a pig to hold the thermostat and seal in place whilst you put the cover on and then the bolts, and get the seal to stay in the...
  4. Power steering pump leaking

    Steering & Suspension
    Power steering pump leaking on T4 2.5tdi 2003, have to fill about 1l hydraulic fluid per week (even if the van is not driving). The leak is somewhere on the opposite side of the belt. Is it time for a new pump or should I check something else?
  5. water leak in tailgate

    T6 General Chat
    Advice please? I've just bought a nearly-new T6 Kombi from a VW dealer. After it rains, when I open the tailgate I can hear water sloshing in the cavity, and (if parked on a slope) water dribbles out of the interior holes! Here's a video: https://vimeo.com/313958598/e7241c05b4 The seals...
  6. Leak!

    General T5 Technical
    We have a 2006 T5, with a pop-up roof and multi rail. This summer, I noticed a leak near the back, and can't seem to work out where its coming from: The near side rear bit near the door sometimes feels wet after rainfall. Its often about halfway up (or higher), across the width of the curved...
  7. O ring ? 1.9 Tdi AXB leaking coolant down left side of engine

    Engine & Gearbox
    Still cant chase off this leak and after doing the thermostat amongst some pro-active refurb work, I think I have located the leak's.... Coolant is pooling under the sump, which looks to be over the power steering pump too, which I assumed was running off the thermostat pipe. I think coolant...
  8. 2.5TDI Gearbox Oil leak

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, has anyone experienced an oil leak from the gearbox from the small thingy at the bottom (see image). I've tightened the bolt, but still get like 1-2 drops a day at the moment. I'm not sure what the part in red circle does so any help on whether it's better to replace it or fix would...
  9. Tank removal, bit of a leak :-/

    General T5 Technical
    So. Today I set about installing the floor mounts for a triple seat. This meant dropping the tank, which was a bit of a daunting thought. Anyway, behind the plastic filler neck trim you have a bolt which supports the neck and has an earth... now, when I took this bolt out, out came A LOT of...
  10. VW T4 1.9TDi Coolant Rubber Pipes

    Engine & Gearbox
    After a nasty diesel leak from one of the fuel injectors in the engine bay, I now find most of the rubber coolant pipes are splitting and or blown. The solution would be to replace those damaged pipes with new pipes or try and patch as a temp fix. Anybody have any recommendation as to where...
  11. Dmf Clutch and slave cylinder replacement in Christchurch 03 102bhp acv t4 caravelle

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, i have a confirmed leaky slave cylinder, as it's a 2003 t4 102bhp acv engined caravelle it has the slave cylinder in the gearbox so might as well suck up the cost and have the lot done in one go…anyone got a ballpark figure and a recommendation for a local specialist to replace the dmf...
  12. Clutch slave cylinder replacement 03 acv 2.5tdi

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, i have a puddle of fluid on the floor and classic slave cylinder failure symptoms….( the master cylinder was replaced along with pedal box before i bought it and that looks all nicely aligned and is bone dry i have had 3 failures of these on previous t4 so i'm deffo not losing fluid...
  13. DSG - Corroded Mechatronic cover and leaking oil

    Engine & Gearbox
    I've got a 2011 2.0 140 on circa 114k and have noticed the Mechatronic cover is corroded.. I've searched the internet and there isn't much reported on this - only a couple here and here. My van is now in the garage, the cost isn't much more than an oil&filter change - but would have been very...
  14. Hydraulic leak O2G type gearbox pipework?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I've just reassembled everything after a leaking slave cyclinder / dmf /clutch etc. I've just noticed the clutch pedal poor again :-( Had to topup master cylinder again after the weeks use on / off. Not overly exited about pulling it all out again! Turns out the plastic bit that screws into...
  15. T4 1x fuel pump leak

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, my fuel pump on a 1.9d 1x engine is leaking but not in any of the usual places mentioned in other threads here(that i can see). It seems to be coming from round the pully wheel inside the t belt cover. The govener etc all seem dry. Is this a pump off job and are there any how too threads...
  16. Puff of smoke on start up from rear of engine block?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I've been investigating the smell of exhaust fumes in the cab in my 2008 130 T5 and discovered that on start up there is a puff of white smoke coming from the rear of the engine block around what I think is the turbo. I've found lots of threads about smoke on start up but not straight from the...
  17. Front Landing Panel Question

    Customising / Modding
    I've googled this but as its quite specific I don't seem to be able to find awt about it. I was measuring up for a new battery last night when I noticed water on the battery tray. Besides the realisation that this probably explains the tiny 360 CCA battery - as the water misses it, I'm worried...
  18. Leaking Lock

    Is there any way to fix a lock barrel in the sliding door that lets the rain in other than replace it?
  19. using more oil than before???

    Engine & Gearbox
    hey,about a year ago had head gasket fixed by vw,all fine, then in jan this year had new turbo fitted by turbo specialists and van runs great but it seems to use oil now, never did before?? No visible leaks,no smoke, plenty of power but my question is this, could some breather pipe be blocked or...
  20. what a job this has been!!!

    General T4 Chat
    Thought I'd firstly say thanks to everyone who has posted advice on here regarding overheating and how to solve it its been a great help! My 1993 2.4d t4 decided to overheat last week, managed to get it home, no fans working and no obvious water pipes leaking so I looked on here and pieced...