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leaking water

  1. Find the leak

    General T5 Chat
    Good morning. I have a leak but i cant find it. Some months ago i had a leak in the rear of the van. It was the tailgate brake light. New light on and tailgate realigned a little all good. Also sliders was leaking, new windows in all good. Left the carpet out for a month to confirm and hose/jet...
  2. Anyone advise where to get sunroof seals from?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Help, we've got water coming in through our caravelle sun roof windows and it looks like the seals are knackered. We have a converted 1993 Caravelle with two sun roofs....both leaking and running down the inside. Does anyone have any advice as to where to buy replacement seals and / or hinges as...
  3. Leaky Window, Rusty Roller Blind

    On my shuttle, the sliding window has been leaking. As a result of the water has running down the door card, the roller blind now has rust stains from the roller mechanism underneath. Any help with sourcing a new one would be great? Part no.'s etc. Many Thanks, Dave
  4. slight coolant leak 1.9 t5

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I have a 57 1.9 84 T5 and have noticed a slight coolant leak - I can't see where the fluid is coming from but it seems to be running down from the front side of the block and then running along the bottom of the sump. The van has been parked in my drive for a couple of weeks, the engine...
  5. Washer bottle seal - T4 1.9td

    General Technical
    Hi, My washer bottle has been leaking at the bottom. The bottle was changed recently (as the bottle was split) but as it is still leaking, I assume a seal has gone too. Is the part that fits into the bottle the washer pump? Does the whole pump need replacing, or can you get just the seal...
  6. Leak from washer bottle - '98 1.9Td

    General Technical
    Hi, I had a split washer bottle that (whilst having a timing belt change) I asked to be replaced. However, it's still leaking - the garage have said that in addition to the bottle split, the seal on whatever is connected to the bottle is "knackered". They did something with a cable tie...
  7. T5 sliding door leaking

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I have a leaking sliding door on my 08 T5. I wrongly assumed the water was coming in around the after-market glass, but it appears to be coming in between the upper door rubber and the door itself. Does anyone know if the door can be adjusted upwards to form a tighter seal, or is replacing...
  8. Diagnosed lose of water but need radiator

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, After months of losing water I have finally found the fault...I think. The radiator certainly has a hole and leaking water when under pressure. I have a 1993 AAF 2.5 petrol (always at the pumps) Auto Caravelle, LWB if that helps :D. Questions: 1. Would any rad from any other year...