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led headlights

  1. Electrical
    Bought a T4 with LED headlights already installed and since buying it the lights will only work as sidelights or full beams - the low beam setting doesn't go on at all. Anyone got any advice on what to look at first or where to go for some guidance? Any help much appreciated!
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    Hi guys, had my T4 (Nancy) for little over a year. I'm interested in fitting new head lights and wondered which ones I should look at. If anyone has had good or bad experiences, I'd also be interested to hear from you. Last question I notice that there are sections for different paint jobs -...
  3. Electrical
    Just wondering if anyone has an opinion regarding the Audi R8 LED look-a-like lights and how good they perform? I currently have 'normal' headlights with the wiring loom up grade thing and Osram night breakers which I am really happy with there light output.....but what about these LED...