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led interior lights

  1. Rear interior lights & dimmer wiring -HELP

    Hi, I could really do with some help!!! I've been wiring my T5 rear lighting and need some help with the wiring, as I can't tell what I've done wrong, but it's not working the way I thought it would.... I've looked at the follwowing thread, http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=172159...
  2. INTERIOR LED LIGHTING - new range

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    Hi all, LED lighting is rapidly becoming standard equipment on new vehicles thanks to the advantages it has over traditional incandescent lighting. It draws far less current (making better use of your battery capacity), provides equivalent lighting performance, doesn't emit any significant heat...
  3. Caravelle Step light LED upgrade

    Just replaced the interior roof lights and cab lights from dull cheap blue LEDs that flickered and were blown to bright white LEDs with success. Got Canbus ones. The step lights also had cheap blue led ones in. They have always flickered which I assumed was due to not being canbus friendly. I...
  4. shuttle rear courtesy lights

    firstly i'm sorry if this ones been covered before (sure it will have but can't find any threads). I'm really struggling to get the lights apart so i can change the blown lamps. i'm going to fit LED's once i manage to get to the bulb. Might be just that im being to gentle not wanting to break...
  5. interior lighting - LED Strip

    Hi Looking to add an LED strip light into the back of the van, there are loads on the bay, 12v... that look interesting. I've looked back through 25 pages of this forum but can not see anything similar. Any one done this? Pictures / comments would be great
  6. Road light wires behind fuse box... (Brakes etc.)

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    Hi all, I've had a crazy idea.. I am installing sets of LED strips under the dash (5 colors each side) so I can change the colors as I'm driving. Then I thought: wouldn't it be cool if, like, everything went red when you press the brake, and one side flashes with the indicator? Etc.. Only...
  7. Lighting Wires- Which Colours are which?

    OK, so this has probably been asked somewhere else, but I have tried searching and nobody seems to have the same colour wires as me for interior lighting. I am about to put in my IKEA LED lights I have the regulator thingy (sorry not very technical) and the wiring diagram Bascule very kindly...
  8. led festoon bulbs

    hi im after some led festoon bulbs for standard interior lamps anyone know where i can get some?
  9. Replacement interior bulbs, LED's?

    Hello, Im looking at buying some replacement bulbs for the standard interior lights and have found the below LED festoons on fleabay. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/LLLEDs_W0QQfrsrcZ1QQfsubZ198347719QQtZkm Does anyonw know what size to get? They have them in 31,36,39,42 & 44mm. Any advice much...