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led tail lights

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  1. Electrical
    I've got a hole in one of my current rear tail-lights and fancy replacing them with something a little different. Has anyone bought/fitted this particular set of LEDs? That's the sort of thing I am after (to go with clear lights up front). http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360497781676
  2. Electrical
    Just bought a set of red/clear LED rear lights and when I switch my lights on my brake lights come on as well, not a problem when driving in the day but at night its a different matter I have heard that some long noses have problems with a fault code coming up, but I havnt got that problem Has...
  3. General Van Chat
    hi ,bought a set of led rear lights ,fetted them ,know my dash board (glow plug) light flashes all the time, anyone know why and how to rectify it please.
  4. Electrical
    :confused:Has anyone got Has anyone got LED tail lights? fitted mine recently and as soon as i did the coil light now flashes on the dash. I think this is telling me there is something wrong with my lights but they work perfectly? fitted mine recently and as soon as i did the coil light now...
1-4 of 4 Results