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led tail lights

  1. Rear LED lights- anyone fitted this model?

    I've got a hole in one of my current rear tail-lights and fancy replacing them with something a little different. Has anyone bought/fitted this particular set of LEDs? That's the sort of thing I am after (to go with clear lights up front). http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360497781676
  2. Problems with LED rear lights

    Just bought a set of red/clear LED rear lights and when I switch my lights on my brake lights come on as well, not a problem when driving in the day but at night its a different matter I have heard that some long noses have problems with a fault code coming up, but I havnt got that problem Has...
  3. led rear lights, why they make your dash flash

    General Van Chat
    hi ,bought a set of led rear lights ,fetted them ,know my dash board (glow plug) light flashes all the time, anyone know why and how to rectify it please.
  4. LED tail lights +glowplug flashing

    :confused:Has anyone got Has anyone got LED tail lights? fitted mine recently and as soon as i did the coil light now flashes on the dash. I think this is telling me there is something wrong with my lights but they work perfectly? fitted mine recently and as soon as i did the coil light now...