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    Red LED mood lights wired into the side lights
  2. Electrical
    Hello everyone! T: Having recently bought a T5.1 Kombi with the intention of using it for the occasional trip away I’ve been planning out all the bits I need to do. My first task is to insulate/carpet line along with the addition of a leisure battery and some lights. I’d like 6 LED...
  3. Electrical
    Hi all, I have a 2013 Caravelle ( T5.1 ) and I want to change the DRL bulbs to LED but..... on mine the DRL and the High Beam are on the same build ( This is H15 on the bulb ). But bulbs I have seen so far say it makes DRL look great but the high beam will not be as good. Does anyone...
  4. Electrical
    Hello!My first post on the forum... I noticed the other day (after blinding someone I:) that the blue LED warning light for high beam has stopped working in my 1992 T4. I am not scared of a bit of soldering, is it likely that the LED has just failed? or should I be looking for a fault...
  5. Electrical
    Hi, I have a T5.1 2014 with the below DRLs. (this is my van) While out and about as you do I have noticed other T5's who's lights operate differently with the indicators. Please excuse my ignorance, I guess the DRls have names however i'll call them A and B. On mine, When the indicator...
  6. General T5 Chat
    Had windows fitted the rear Q's in my LWB T5 which meant I had to make some panels to tidy things up and match the mid windows. Added curtains to match (from Vanx) and then set about making the led lights look a bit more integrated. Some head scratching about what to use for the translucent...
  7. Customising / Modding
    Hey guys, So we're planning on facelifting our T5, we haven't quite decided on which way to go with the headlights, we can either get the basic facelift with the genuine VW headlights or our other option was to go for the light bar headlights. Neither of the options we were looking at come with...
  8. Electrical
    Hi, Got some DRLs added to the van - the strip in the bumper which is a whiteish LED. The DRLS in the standard commercial light cluster were yellow in comparison. Found a LED upgrade on ebay which in my eyes is a great upgrade on the original bulbs. No Errors shown on dash etc. On the pic...
  9. Electrical
    I bought some of these but cannot see how the fit. The locking mech on the bulb is one piece and I cannot see how theCooling fins on the back of the bulb allow the locking mechanism to fit over to top. Has anyone else fitted this to a 2010 + model? Thanks Top product on the list and a...
  10. Electrical
    Hi All Can anyone help, I've bought a couple of those flexible sticky backed LED strips I want to wire into my footwell so they come on when I turn the head lights on (when dash lights up) trouble is I don't know where to wire them to. Any help would be great. 2007 T32
  11. Electrical
    Has anyone fitted one of these off-road style LED light bars to their T4 yet? I've seen a few T25 Syncro's sporting some that looked quite cool and wondered if anyone had done similar.
  12. Parts For Sale
    I have apair a pair of standard headlights for sale for a vw transporter t4 1995 shortnose. They are in excellent condition with no cracks or chips in the lenses. They come complete with custom indicators professionally done and showing the t4 logo as the yellow indicator light, fully legal...
  13. General Van Chat
    Hi Can someone tell me where i can buy the rear bumper LED reflectors from? Thanks
  14. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi im new here so please be patient.? I'm just about to order some black r8 style headlights with led drl but it says drl led bulbs are not replaceable! ? So basically when they go my 200 quid is gone....is there any which are replaceable?
  15. Electrical
    Hi all, Has anyone any idea what would be the simplest (and cheapest) arrangement for installing some LED lights in the rear. I'm mainly talking about the battery set-up. I'd like just enough juice to power the lights for a about 5 nights, not worried about other electrics in the van or about...
  16. Customising / Modding
    Hi all Looking for some advice on Audi style led headlights for a 55 plate t5 Is there much difference between the different companies selling them on the web can some one recommend a company they used and had a good experience with please Thank you for the help Steve
  17. Electrical
    Hi all, Stumbled across this on amazon, supposedly good for 5A and will 'protect' TV's and similar from the rough output of the regular 12v socket. Does anyone know what's inside these? Do they output a stable 12v?? :*...
  18. Electrical
    Hi I know it's been covered, but I'm fitting a set of the Ikea Dioder 12v lights. I've just tested them with power from the leisure battery with an on/off switch. At first the blew the 10a fuse but are working on a 15a. Do I need to fit a regulator? If not should I fuse them with a 20a fuse...
  19. Life Style
    bought these for my van but have changed my lighting plans, so are up for sale. Brand new and unused and still boxed. £10.00
  20. Electrical
    I finished the install of two of these, stuck to the inner bezel of my skylight that thanks to their super low consumption, are powered off the interior light. I've changed the middle and rear festoons for blue LEDs and the cab light to a 9 LED panel. I've also fitted lovely LED rear lights from...
1-20 of 38 Results