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  1. Interior
    Hi, I have bought a Rock and Roll bed from my neighbour and now want to get it installed. I asked my garage and he wouldn't do it because he wasn't certified to do so, and said nobody should do it unless they are, for legal and insurance reasons I'm assuming. He also said that if it isn't...
  2. Interior
    Hi, Sorry to ask but I can not find a thread for my question. If I install a rock n roll bed into my T4 800 van do I need to put seatbelts in? I will not be using the seat for passengers, just relaxing when parked up and obviously to sleep on. Sorry to ask the obvious but just need a straight...
  3. Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    were moving to germany and i want to take my t5 but am unsure if im gonna have trouble registering it. anyone know? its rgistered as a 9 seat shuttle in uk. ive removed middlle row of seats and put in ply and lino floor and full width surf kitchen with fridge ansink and hob behind front seats...
  4. General T4 Chat
    Firstly, if you see a (*) or similar in this post, see the notes at the bottom. On the HMRC website, they give slightly conflicting info. There are 2 notes on the subject, on one, it makes out that you must pay duty no matter how much cooking oil (new and used) or biodiesel* you use. On the...
  5. Electrical
    Hello Just collected my van last weekend and I noticed that the smoked rear indicators are white and not the standard orange. Does anyone know the legality of what colour do my indicators need to be? Im wondering if I need to swap to orange bulbs, and if so which ones thanks irishkeet:D
1-5 of 5 Results