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leisure battery

  1. Electrical
    Has anyone got any thoughts on getting some air flow to the battery, which I guess is bubbling away in the cupboard in the back of the van ,possibly producing explosive gases??Just a thought,not trying to put the sh1 2s up people. Cheers Rob:cool:
  2. Electrical
    Hi Here's a challenge... If I were to buy a 70ah Leisure battery to charge a 35watt coolbox how long would the fully charged battery power the cool box for??? Can anyone provide the equation to work it out??? Battery... Halfords 70 Ah Leisure Battery comes fully charged and ready to fit...
  3. Electrical
    hello all, looking for some advice as im a complete novice, want to fit a leisure battery in my t4 to power a 3 way fridge, 10 led lights in roof, and eventually a tv. can anyone help ,me as to what i will need. thankyou in advance
  4. Electrical
    hi on a bit of a budget and been offered a car battery its 43amps would this be enough to run just interior lights and stereo? how long would it last for approx? also would it be ok to run a split charge system - being as the regular battery is a bit beefier?
  5. Technical Articles
    Deep Cycle Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) batteries have been around since the mid 1980's, originally developed in the United States for aircraft applications. Basically, these AGM type batteries are an advance on the traditional lead acid type, in which 95% of the sulphuric acid is suspended in...
  6. Electrical
    http://www.rawcomponents.co.uk/80-120-amp-12v-split-charge-relay-kit-5m-401-p.asp I want to use 110mphour battery. is this suitable? Is it worth it? If not, what parts do I need? cheers
  7. Electrical
    I'm lost! Some split chargers are less then £10, and the wires are as small as my speaker wire. Whilst others are £150 and as large as a tissue box. As a layman to this subject, I read the descriptions and they all seem similar. I've trawlled the subject on here, and its confused me even...
  8. Electrical
    Hi all. I am shortly going to be putting my cabinets into my van. The question of what size of power cable to run between my split charge diode & the leisure battery has popped into my head. The battery will be placed somewhere around the drivers side rear wheel arch & the diode will be placed...
  9. Electrical
    Sorry to bother you all again. Before i wire the Eberspacher i want to fit a second battery with a split charge to run it and the other domestics. Where is the best place to fit it and will a second battery fit next to the main engine one under the cover? Any pics would be appreciated. Thanks...
  10. Electrical
    OK I've used a system for years using a smart relay that senses the voltage of the main battery and charges the leisure battery when appropriate, and separates the two to stop the car battery discharging. When I first installed the system in a car years ago, I found that when the leisure batt...
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  12. Electrical
    Any reconmendations?
  13. Electrical
    Where can I purchase a leisure battery which actually fits under the passenger seat? All the ones I seem to locate are too high!! I'm sure I'm not the first to have this problem, any advice warmly welcomed.
  14. Electrical
    Want to install some kind of switch so that my Stereo Head Unit can be switched between the main battery and the leisure battery. Seem to remember that on the old forum someone had done this. Wanted to know how that had worked out. Anyone manage to do this without loosing all the presets, frying...
  15. Electrical
    Is there anyone who supplies battery trays enabling the placing of 2 batteries in the front. There was someone on the old forum that had them but I never received a reply to my enquiry.
  16. Electrical
    looking to change my leisure battery for an optima or two just not sure where to get one from or which one to go for. most of the yellow tops available seem to be around 55 Ahrs which could be a little low (or expensive If I need 2 of them) any help as ever gratefully received. cheers Ben
  17. Electrical
    How many Ah battery have you used? All I need is for a compressor fridge, lights and Eberspacher, no need for amps and the like. Can I get away with a battery of less than 95Ah? No sites we almost always use a hook-up but at shows there is often up to three nights on the battery alone. Your...
  18. Electrical
    Hey, I've after some advice about installing the electrics in the back of my van. Firstly, I'm installing a leisure battery, on split charge, under one of the seats. I know it can be done, but does anything need modifying, and can it go under the passenger seat? What is the best type of...