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light failure

  1. Light issues.. help

    Hello everybody. I recently got myself a VW T4 2.5TDI (88hp) 2001 and it turns out there is a bit of an issue with the lights... This started with the reverse light, well, there wasn't one when reversing..so using the advice I could find on this forum I've replaced bulbs, fuse and the reverse...
  2. T4 CLUSTER Blue Illumination Only is Out

    Good afternoon, I'm having issue with my T4 Cluster. The Blue LED's (ONLY Blue Lighning is dead) SPEEDO, RPM, TEMP and FUEL are working fine. The Needles are working fine and ligh ON red color as it supposed to do. I took another cluster from Passate B5, Jetta Mk4 in order to see if the...
  3. Gauges will not light after replacing bulbs

    replaced illuminating bulbs in t4 gauges but have no illumination of gauges, can someone tell me where i may have a problem or can somebody please tell me how to get the gauges to be illuminated at night. i was sure when i turn on the side lights the gauges should be lit but i may be wrong, any...
  4. Front lights ?tripping out

    Got a slight problem. Not sure if its related to the rain or long distances. Drove to Bristol from Cornwall this weekend. Towards the end my dipped main lights would suddenly switch off (leaving my side lights on). If i pulled my lights lever to put full beam on, then they would light up again...