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  1. Coolant light - low header tank

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi - I have a '03 T4 with 190k miles in really good condition (no oil drinking or smoking) Just recently had the water temp warning light on - pulled over, header tank is low - topped up with coolant mix (carry spare and oil) Did 150 miles that day with no light back on. Left for a week...
  2. Instrument Cluster Lights are wired into the wrong fuse, where should they be wired?

    Hey, Recently bought a 2001 T4 800 special, I noticed when driving at night the insturment cluster needle and clock back lights do not light up. I started digging around the fuses and located the wire for these lights (which when I found it was cut) and it was wired into the central locking...
  3. Front fog lamp warning light on dashboard

    Some nice person recently took it upon themselves to remove the front fog lamps and surrounds from our Caravelle. The car is permanently parked on the street outside our house, so if I replace them it's highly likely that they'll come back and steal them again. Therefore I've decided to not...
  4. T5 / T5.1 Headlight Switch with fog light setting

    Parts For Sale
    Hi all I’ve got a T5 / T5.1 Headlight Switch in satin silver with the settings for front and rear foglights. VW Type switch at a fraction of the price Dealership price £80+ Vat It’s brand new still boxed It's the same as this...
  5. T5.1 Fog light bumper trims with fog light cover rings

    Parts For Sale
    Genuine T5.1 (2010 - 2015) Fog light bumper trims with fog light cover rings. I have the left and right side and they come with the chrome effect fog light cover rings Left hand side - 7E5807489B Right hand side - 7E5807490B It's number 55 & 60 in this picture. Was £25 each, now £20...
  6. More blinking temperature light

    I've recently taken ownership of a 1994 T4. Its a 1.9 TDI but (as with many others) the temperature light occasionally blinks. It seems that if its going to do it, it will happen just after the van reaches normal operating temperature. The gauges are fine with the temp reporting around the...
  7. 2.5 BNZ Red Oil Warning help needed

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, hoping to get a bit of help and advice really! Recently bought a 2007 BNZ 2.5 T5 LWB Shuttle and noticed that on long runs the oil pressure warning light comes on and beeps, so looking through the forum i got it booked into the local specialist to have the pressure switch changed and...
  8. Has anyone fitted an LED Light Bar

    Has anyone fitted one of these off-road style LED light bars to their T4 yet? I've seen a few T25 Syncro's sporting some that looked quite cool and wondered if anyone had done similar.
  9. Dark grey T5 interior light with extra map reading lights

    VAG Parts For Sale
    This is an interior light that fits in the cab area above the dashboard of a T5 van. It is a simple plug and play modification with no extra wiring required. There are a few scratches on the switches, the paint can be scraped off and the switches left in light grey or re-painted to match the...
  10. das indicator lights not working but indicators + hazards both work

    Hi all the little green indicator lights in my dashboard that flash in time with the indicators have suddenly both stopped working..the indicators and hazards both function normally though as does everything else in the dash..apart from a temperamental temp gauge. Any ideas where to start...
  11. Garage Clearout

    VAG Parts For Sale
    VW Caddy van front grille 4" badge £6 posted Standard VW T5 headlight switch with rear fogs only. £12 posted T4 or T5 load area interior light which is lightly smoked. Comes with bulb. £6 posted Single drivers comfort seat in Inca material with height adjustment and lumbar support. Ready to...
  12. Interior roof lights - anyone tried these?

    I have a blown bulb in the back of my T5 - standard roof fitting. Obvious chance to go non standard, so a quick look on ebay found these. Multi LEDs. A basic seems to be 3 light emitters, then there were 8, then there were 16 and all in a 42mm lamp! http://goo.gl/AJLJ7 Anyone tried any of...
  13. Sudden power loss

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, Today, I pulled away and suddenly she lost all power, seconds later she was ok. A minute later doing about 60mph, power dipped again. Glanced down, no dash warning signals or fuel gauge, then fuel gauge lit up again and power returned. All seems ok now other than no warning lights...
  14. T4 interior light with extra map reading light

    VAG Parts For Sale
    This is the interior light which fits a T4 and has the extra map reading light fitted. The light comes with the plug and enough wire to splice this into your existing lighting circuit. There are four wires in the plug and I believe that one of these is for the power for the map reading light. I...
  15. T5 alternative interior light upgrade

    VAG Parts For Sale
    These lights are often advertised on ebay as Sportline/Caravelle interior lights and sell for around £35 - 40. I'd like just £27 for this light including postage to anywhere in the UK. This is a simple plug and play replacement for your old light with no extra wiring modifications. This light...
  16. Timo Light GP Captain Driver Seat and Fold Flat Double Passenger

    Parts For Sale
    We have a fully adjustable captains driver’s seat for sale in Timo Light with upgraded headrests and a rear map pocket. We also have a double fold flat passenger seat with storage, upgraded headrests and twin rear map pockets also in Timo Light. These GP seats have come from a 2011 Transporter...
  17. Spot lights

    Thought I'd share my latest plan for my van, as some here may also want to do the same. I've fitted a set of Dioder lights from Ikea, which are plenty bright, except I'd like some directional spot lights to provide enough light to read by. I picked up some of these lights at Ikea:Ikea LED...
  18. Interior light upgrade for T5 van

    VAG Parts For Sale
    I have a VW light that plugs straight in to replace and upgrade the standard T5 interior light. Simply unscrew your old one, unplug it and plug in the new one, there are no wiring upgrades or modifications required. It has the extra map reading lights and the lense is slightly smoked in...
  19. Hello

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all came over as saw 2 hits from you incoming to my website www.britelightleds.co.uk , just had a look around but couldnt find the link? :* Anyway hello all from rhys at Brite Light LEDs
  20. ABS light, no speedo/cruise ctrl, fluctuating fuel gauge!

    Hi, I have seen some posts on this in the past but not really clear on what people done to sole these issues. I have a 2007 T5 174. Recently the ABS & traction control & handbrake light came on, along with an audio warning on start up. A few days later, the speedo stopped working, the fuel gauge...