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  1. Leisure battery advice

    Hi fellow VW owners, I am currently re-doing a camper I bought. Had all the units and bed etc but not much else so I am in the process of electrifying the back :) exciting stuff (pun intended ;) ) Anyway, I have been looking at leisure batteries (obviously) and I'm not entirely sure what I need...
  2. Hacking Dimatec Spa touch sensitive lights

    Hey everyone - I've just installed the lighting in my van. Went for touch-sensitive Dimatec Spa LEDs, mainly so that I can vary the number of lights that are on. I've rigged a switch straight off the regulator so that I can turn all the lights off. My main questions are: 1) Is there a way to...
  3. Rear Internal Lights

    The two ceiling lights in my T5 haven't worked since I fitted a new ceiling. They have power but don't work. Having said that, they both came on very dimly the other day when the front cabin light was set on 'door'. The front cabin light dimmed (and stayed dim) and they came on in the back (both...
  4. T4 internal lighting

    General T4 Chat
    have 2 surface spot lights and a few strip lights in high top , would like to swap for led replacement fittings , any suggestions on suppliers and fittings cheersT:T:T:
  5. Vibration When Turning On Lights

    When my T4 is idling and I turn on the lights there is a vibration sound which seems to be coming from deep within the engine. I'm thinking the alternator is on its way out or something is loose in it causing it to rumble/vibrate when a load comes on it. Anyone else have similar issues?
  6. What leisure battery

    Any recommendations on what leisure battery to go for with regards to size (ah) Only want to use for charging phone, laptop, iPad maybe a small fridge/cooler and some interior lights. Also any recomendtions on what split charge kit to get from eBay? Thanks
  7. Red 5, build and re-build!!

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    I’d like to introduce myself, I started off on here as passattdi but swapped to Red5 as it was more appropriate. I bought this in Oct 2010, it had 134k on the clock but a full history as an ex-lease van and it was all straight. This was the shiniest it ever looked as I’m not as good as the...
  8. Interior lights for the rear of a T4 or T5 van

    VAG Parts For Sale
    These are the interior lights that fit in the rear of either a T4 or a T5 van. As you can see from the pictures, one pair are a lighter tint than the others but when fitted with LED bulbs they will be bright enough. Each pair of lights include the connector and a short length of wire plus they...
  9. Interior LEDs Installed - Very Blue

    I finished the install of two of these, stuck to the inner bezel of my skylight that thanks to their super low consumption, are powered off the interior light. I've changed the middle and rear festoons for blue LEDs and the cab light to a 9 LED panel. I've also fitted lovely LED rear lights from...
  10. T4 interior light with extra map reading light

    VAG Parts For Sale
    This is the interior light which fits a T4 and has the extra map reading light fitted. The light comes with the plug and enough wire to splice this into your existing lighting circuit. There are four wires in the plug and I believe that one of these is for the power for the map reading light. I...
  11. T4 Interior Light

    VAG Parts For Sale
    I have a grey interior light for a T4 van which has the extra map reading light as part of the light. PM me with an e-mail address if you would like to see a picture. Its a simple plug and play modification with no extra wiring required. £15 posted anywhere in the UK. Thank You Alex Red5
  12. Show us your insides

    I'm looking for some inspiration on how to kit out the back of my van and after trying various searches and looking through couldn't find a thread full of pics. So if your proud of your interior please share A:
  13. Zig cf9 outputs/lights

    T4 Conversions
    I have just been playing around installing a zig cf9 into my van, I am going to buy a set of the diodes lights from ikea to run from the zig unit. As I understand I think I Ned a 12v regulator between the lights and the zig to stop me blowing the bulbs. I have had the zig connected to the...
  14. New Rooflight... Party Van!

    Hey guys n gals. 37890739 I took inspiration from the backlit dancefloors you see in the movies and some clubs. It's a 5ft round white perspex table top from the company I work for (given, not stolen :) ), backlit by a 5m led strip and mounted on 4mm 8x4 sheet, which mounted very easily to...
  15. Lighting Wires- Which Colours are which?

    OK, so this has probably been asked somewhere else, but I have tried searching and nobody seems to have the same colour wires as me for interior lighting. I am about to put in my IKEA LED lights I have the regulator thingy (sorry not very technical) and the wiring diagram Bascule very kindly...
  16. Downlight recommendations please

    Looking for some downlighters to run direct of the leisure battery. I've heard these Ikea ones are good http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/00119933 But it's a bit of a drive to my nearest Ikea. Anyone know if B&Q, Homebase or Wickes do something similar?? Cheers Scott
  17. Should both my lights come on in the back when I open doors?

    forget the front cabin that's ok. In the back of my T5 there are two diagonally opposite lights in the roof lining. When a door is opened only the front one comes on. They both work if you click them on directly and I've swapped the units to check the unit works on door mode so it's the wiring...
  18. HID Lights ?

    I have just fitted an ebay hid kit to my t4, The lights are flamin awesome! The only down side is that when I switch them in it interferes BIG TIME with the radio which is driving me mad. Has anyone else had the same issue? :confused: Ben.
  19. Orange Coil Light Flashing

    General Van Chat
    Hi Gays N Guy's , Whilst driving home this evening, the Orange Coil light started to flash on and off , Can anyone please point me in the right direction as what it means and is it safe to drive the Van ? Thanks Aly. P.s I did change the nr side light bulb (brake) last nite ..brake lights...
  20. Questions, questions, questions!!

    General T4 Chat
    Hi everyone, got a couple of questions regarding 1995 t4 Caravelle 2.5 petrol auto :D 1. Has anyone got any suggestions about why the engine is hunting at idle? Its only a minor fluctuation but it would be nice to sort it out. 2. Does anyone have a working rear underfloor heater motor and...