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  1. Replacement fog glass lights

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hello all, Recently my front fog light glass smashed, it's a fake light so doesn't work, so would rather just replace the glass. Does anyone know where I can order this from? Have searched online but there just seems to be a lot of fancy lighting units out there! Many thanks!
  2. Replacement glass for fog lights

    Customising / Modding
    Hello all, Recently my front fog light glass smashed, it's a fake light so doesn't work, so would rather just replace the glass. Does anyone know where I can order this from? Have searched online but there just seems to be a lot of fancy lighting units out there! Many thanks!
  3. DLR not working on Off Side!

    T5 Articles & Information
    Help required! I’ve just fitted some new headlights yesterday, went through the usual taking the bumper off, unplugged the old lights plugged in the new lights, checked them and they all worked fine. however today the DLR strip on the off side won’t work - but the rest of the lights in the...
  4. Wiring advice for interior lighting

    Hello everyone! T: Having recently bought a T5.1 Kombi with the intention of using it for the occasional trip away I’ve been planning out all the bits I need to do. My first task is to insulate/carpet line along with the addition of a leisure battery and some lights. I’d like 6 LED...
  5. Interior lights backwards?

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi All, I am new to the forum but hoping someone can help me. I have a 2012 T5 and purchased it a little over a month ago. I have the main switch set to come on when doors are open. Everything works okay with the exception of one thing. When the side door is shut and I lock the van the interior...
  6. Shuttle interior light control add-on?

    Looked through here, and seems some people with Shuttles have some control switch for the lights in the middle (the two rows with the AC vents). Well, doesn't have such a switch. It is quite annoying, as we often go somewhere all day with the kids, and on the drive back home they are sleeping...
  7. DRLs - How should they operate?

    Hi, I have a T5.1 2014 with the below DRLs. (this is my van) While out and about as you do I have noticed other T5's who's lights operate differently with the indicators. Please excuse my ignorance, I guess the DRls have names however i'll call them A and B. On mine, When the indicator...
  8. Towbar electrics. Flashing tail lights.

    Hi all, I have a 2011 T5 California. I fitted a Westfalia detachable towbar, with dedicated wiring kit, as supplied by PF Jones www.pfjones.co.uk. The main purpose is to tow my smart car. The tail lights on the towed car flash when hazard lights are on. Same happens with my bike rack...
  9. Upgrading Headlights.

    Hello all Looking for some advice. I have a 2010 5.1 and would like to upgrade the headlights. I like the idea of the DRL Light bar headlights but at the moment they are cost prohibitive. I've seen these...
  10. interior lights of leisure battery

    Hello all, I have a 2010 t5 transporter I have installed a leisure batterry with split charge system. I like my interior lights and would like them supplied by the leisure battery instead of the starter battery. I assume that all that has to be done is to find the 12v supply to the interior...
  11. VW T5 Indicator and Hazards not working

    Hi all, I have seen a number of thread all of which I have tried but with no joy. My T5 rear lights were not working the other day, I since have managed through taking the clusters off and got the brake, side lights & reversing lights working through removing and placing back the bulbs...
  12. 2015 rear lights problem

    Re 2015 rear lights, Hi i have a t5 highline and have fitted sportline rear light clusters, I changed the wiring pin sequence as required ,unfortunately i never made a note of the standard pin sequence and wiring colours etc,could somebody please help. My van is a 2015 model.
  13. Indicators permanently on?!

    Slight problem, went to indicate right yesterday and the signal didn't blink, in fact it stayed on even when the indicator stalk was back to central...and continued to stay on even when the engine was turned off. I know nothing about the electrical dark arts, so did a bit of digging on here and...
  14. Urgent help please!

    The 5a fuse for the lights in the back of my camper blew after working fine since I bought the van in Sept last year (already converted). I left it a few weeks as I wasn't using it for anything other than my day to day car, I've now replaced the fuse with identical fuse and it blows as soon as I...
  15. Rear interior lights not working

    Hi there guys, I am having problems with my rear interior lights, have searched the forums but couldn't come up with and solutions that worked, just wondering if anyone else can help. My cab light works fine and comes on the the doors open, but my two rear lights work when i manually switch...
  16. Lights won't turn off...

    Hi, A few weeks ago, after driving 1000 miles over Christmas in plenty of rain, followed by a hand wash which involved power jets, I woke up in the morning to find my front lights were on. I was pretty sure I hadn't left them on as it was a few days after I'd last used the van, and sure enough...
  17. T5 Caravelle / Shuttle interior trim panels & T5.1 Genuine Caravelle Headlights

    Parts For Sale
    Genuine T5.1 Caravelle headlights SOLD Caravelle / Shuttle Right Hand Side Upper Sliding Door Trim SOLD Right Hand Side Caravelle Sliding door Panel SOLD Passenger and drivers side Shuttle / Caravelle D Pillar Trims. The Pillar Trims are number 25 in this image I believe they...
  18. LED Lighting / Courtesy Lights Wiring Questions!!

    Hey Guys, First post for me, but this site has been unbelievably useful so far!! Anyway, I'd like to replace the 2 standard roof lights in the back with 6 led down-lighters. I am installing a leisure with split charge and need some help on the wiring... Basically I'd like to run the lights...
  19. LED DRL Upgrade

    Hi, Got some DRLs added to the van - the strip in the bumper which is a whiteish LED. The DRLS in the standard commercial light cluster were yellow in comparison. Found a LED upgrade on ebay which in my eyes is a great upgrade on the original bulbs. No Errors shown on dash etc. On the pic...
  20. Int lights not activated by Tailgate, switch ok?

    Hi, Rear tailgate switch is working fine, shows tailgate open, lock works the central locking but when I open the tailgate the interior lights dont come on? Is there a VAG setting I need to change, I have a vague memory of it working originally, I've re-lined the roof and placed the rear light...