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  1. Wanted
    Hi I'm after the liner/cover that goes underneath the bonnet lid, with clips if possible. I have a pre96 2.4 but it has had a 1.9tdi golf engine put in. (not sure if that makes a difference at all?) thx Dave
  2. General T4 Chat
    Hiya all, I have been looking at step inserts on fleabay, i have a sy floor in Captain (its cheap pool lino really) and think the step liner seems to be a good way to finish it off? Have many people used them? are they a standard size ? Easy enough to fit? Opinions and advice please. This is...
  3. Parts For Sale
    For sale is the black rubber load mat for a swb t4. Its generally in good condition four holes have been made to fit a seat as pictured and one of the fixing points at the back has ripped also pictured. Has the odd paint mark but would probably come off with a good clean. Due to size and weight...
  4. Interior
    Hi I'm trying to get the inner lining off the tailgate of my 05 caravelle and I've read some massively helpful posts on the forum T: that you basically just have to bite the bullet & give it some pasty (after taking off the interior door handle surround) but there's also the child lock selector...
1-4 of 4 Results