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  1. The Workshop
    Hi Guys n Gals, We've had our T5 for a while now and spent a bit of time doing stuff with it just as we got it, with some renault triple rears, fixed bench and single up front, and side windows. We do a bit of cycling, the 2 kids have a little 50cc we run round a mates field, go camping a bit...
  2. Interior
    hi guy's i really want to buy genuine volkswagen rubber floor matt the for the back of my t5 but the vw dealer here in ireland said he need a part number as there is 18 different ones! my is a 05 lwb 174bhp panel van dose anyone know the right one to get? i already have all the other bits cups...
  3. Interior
    Does anyone know how much Carpet Lining I would need to do my T4 (short wheel based 1998). I am going to do the panels, floors and ceiling. Also want to do the floor in the cab as well. Also what's the best lining to use? Cheers
  4. Interior
    Hi My roof liner in the van section of my 2010 T5 is damaged. I have brought some lining material and spray on glue as I plan to line it then re-fit it so it looks nice and tidy again. Can somebody give me some advice on the best way to get the roof lining down without damaging the plastics...
  5. Wanted
    Hi I'm after the liner/cover that goes underneath the bonnet lid, with clips if possible. I have a pre96 2.4 but it has had a 1.9tdi golf engine put in. (not sure if that makes a difference at all?) thx Dave
  6. T5 Conversions
    Hi everyone, Any tips or advice about carpet lining around the standard vw sliding windows, just wondering how I can make it neat or if there are any surrounds available to fit the sliders to make them neater? Pictures would be nice if anyone has acheived a decent finish around them. Thanks...
  7. Wanted
    Hi i am after the one piece rubber floor mat for the whole of the rear for my swb single side loading door rhd t4 its the rubber one, in black has the small square pattern and is cushioned. Anyone got one preferably in really good nick, don't mind if it needs a good clean !!
  8. Wanted
    Anyone got 1 i only need 1 the ones that attach to the roof where the front and rear lining panels meet !! Thanks
  9. Interior
    Hello can anyone recommend someone to fit interior lining for a T4 in north west uk?
  10. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I want to line my t4 transporter, with a view to converting to day van. I've had windows put in the sliding door and in the opposite panel. Are there template drawings that can be obtained. Is plywood the best material to use and what thickness? What's the best thing to insulate with? Thanks if...
  11. FREE Stuff
    Just (carefully) taken the ply lining out the back of my T5 if anyone's interested in having it, before I bin it. I'm in west sussex - PM me if interested.
  12. General T5 Chat
    Hi, Anyone used explorer camper conversions in Brighthouse West Yorkshire? I was thinking of using them for some lining work. Unless you could recommend someone in the Manchester area? Thanks
  13. Interior
    In what I think was the most recent issue of camper and bus they had a section on converting a van for less than £3000. In this they showed fitting a plastic interior to the rear of the van instead of the usual ply and carpet. Does anyone know where I can get any of this, or what it is even...
  14. Interior
    It seems the general consensus is to get my lining carpet for the back of my T4 from megavanmats, which is cool because they do a great looking package with the adhesive and everything. (Just my luck though that the first opportunity I have to finally get started with my interior, these guys are...
  15. T4 Conversions
    Hi Just starting out on my first T4 conversion adventure!! Does anyone know how many metres of carpet I will need to carpet line my ply panels? I have a standard short wheel based panel van with rear windows fitted both sides. Just an estimate would be great. Thanks :-)
  16. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all Just joined up, just got my van, an ex-AA 2001 2.5tdi. Already found this place to be full of some v useful advice and have already avoided some silly questions as a result of using the FAQs! Looking to get the van resprayed and relined, probably keeping the layout as is, so any...
  17. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    I like to do it myself if I can though I do think this project is a tad ambitious. Phase one complete but phase two is a bigger section and will be interesting getting it through my little singer machine! Feaux suade, marked out in chalk, then glue to 1/2 inch foam with a calico backing glued...
  18. Parts For Sale
    I have two kits for sale: 1. Old pre-cut plylining kit for T5 full panel van. I have all parts bar the offside (drivers) side rear barn door. However, you can use the near-side panels as templates, just need to source your own ply. Kit is dirty, and two of the panels have been punctured...
  19. General Van Chat
    Gonna get some ply on the floor of me van before the Cannon's forge bed goes in...it's gonna sit over the existing rubber load mat (cos I want to lino it) but how thick do I want the ply to be?
  20. T5 Conversions
    Hi, my roof lining is pretty tatty and was considering carpeting it- obviously with high-temp and good quality glue. Does anybody know the best way to secure the panels once carpeted?