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  1. T4 Conversions
    Hi, Been looking for some posts on carpeting around the rear windows. I don't want a wooden frame, I want to carpet right up to the glass. Any posts / hints on how to do this? Do I do it in x4 strips? Or try to cut the template around the whole window. Thanks - N
  2. Interior
    Hi I'm about to start carpeting the ply panels (around 20 mins) anyone give me tips for this. eg. Should I just glue the edges before i bend then over then tack the carpet on? Should I glue the entire board before i put the carpet on - edged and middle Should I gluve the carpet...
  3. T4 Conversions
    Afternoon all. Just a quick one, has anyone used polystyrene for the insulation ? 25mm on top and 50mm on the bottom ? Is Celotex or kingspan etc. really that much beter ? Just that I have some polystyrene left over from a job I've just finished. I'll be using flashing tape and foil bubble stuff...
  4. Interior
    Right, I'm about to carpet / ply my van. I'm going to remove panels, carpet them, carpet the metal, carpet the panels then re-attach the panels (after using Kings insulation 50mm bottom 20mm top). I think this seems to be the correct way..... MY QUESTION ------------------ a) How do I...
  5. Interior
    Hi, Anyone tell me how much insulation to buy just to do the panels under the play in teh back of a T4. I can see on ebay 8m x 600mm rolls and need to work out how much to buy. Thanks - N
  6. Interior
    Hi, Anyone know how much carpet (m2) i'd need to a) line ply pannels b) line the rear metal work c) line the inside door pannels in the front I have found a place that does 2m x 10 m (20m2) rolls for £85 if 10m would do then 2 of us could go halfs?
  7. Interior
    Does anybody outhere know wher I can find metal replacement fixings similar to the plastic ones already inplace. Ideally longer and black to manage a plylining with carpet. I'm sure I've seen something similar on Ebay but I can't find anything at the moment. Cheers