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  1. 02g Linkage

    Morning Does anyone have for sale a linkage for an 02G gearbox. I have the box and the reverse cable that attaches to the linkage, sadly I don't have the linkage. Also may be in need of a intermediate driveshaft and possibly a gearbox mount, but have been informed that my mount may fit as it...
  2. no gears 1 and 2 2006 T5

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi everyone, we've just come back form a weekend away and luckily (or not) at the end of our road had a problem with 1st and 2nd gears. Can't seem to get the van into gears 1 and 2 (floppy gearstick and nothing happens when engine revs up) seems ok in 3 and we managed to get home in 3rd. Reverse...
  3. T4 Gear Linkage

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi!! I was wondering if anyone could help me out.. I lost 1st and 2nd gear due to gear linkage piece snapping.. got a temp repair done with some cooling hose and cable ties. I since ordered the broken pieces from ebay and am awaiting their arrival. I was wondering how much I should expect to...
  4. Gear lever problem (after bush repair)

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I've repaired the bushes on my 1999 1.9 T4 which if I'm honest was unbelievably easier than the majority of the posts on here suggest. I think the major Issue people seem to be having is getting the bushes on to the t bar and and the socket in to the mount. The socket was simple and is just a...
  5. How hard is yours???

    General Technical
    How hard is your accelerator? Mine seems to be abit hard and is always an effort to get somewhere. Do I need to look at something, could it be like the old bay's with the linkage? Many thanks
  6. VW guide for servicing gear selector mechanism

    Technical Articles
    Click below link to open PDF file. .