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load rated

  1. BBS LM replicas and sizing

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi all, I was thinking of getting some BBS LM replica alloys, but had a couple of questions I thought you'd probably be able to answer :-) Firstly, my van is lowered by 60mm (no bodywork modifications) so I was wondering what dimension rims I should be going for (what would fit at max without...
  2. 4 off original 15" steel wheels plus load rated tyres

    Parts For Sale
    For sale are a set of original T4 15" steel wheels plus load rated tyres. Tyres only about 1000miles old. £100 for the lot, plus I will throw in the spare wheel plus tyre if you need it. Would prefer collection from Edinburgh, but could possibly drop them off to anywhere in 'M6 corridor'...
  3. 19" X5 alloys with spigots bolts and load rated tyres

    Parts For Sale
    NOW GONE, no longer for swap or sale!!!! I'm selling my 19" X5 alloys complete with spigots, bolts and load rated tyres. The tyres, fronts are 245/45/19 102w make: Wanli ? the rears are 255/50/19 107w make : Hankook Ventus ST The tyres have plenty of thread left on them? The alloys could...
  4. What load rating should my tyres be?

    Technical Articles
    he following weights are for the maximum permitted axle weight that is recommended by the manfacturer. The load rating represents the minimum load rating needed for the highest of the two maximum permitted axel weights. The following chart is meant only a guide and you should always check your...
  5. Original multivan alloys

    So having had the passat wheels signed off by the insurance company on the basis that I don't carry loads blah blah blah I've come to the conclusion that it's ridiculous not being able to use the van to it's full capacity. I'm refurbing steels as an alternative but what I'm really after is a set...
  6. Yet another question about load ratings

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, I've just bought my 1st T5 and the first thing I need is wheels. I didn't realise how difficult it is to find decent load rated wheels. I've decided against 20's as I don't want to compromise the ride/ruin them in pot-holes. I can't seem to find any 19's so I'm going for 18's. Is the load...