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  1. Passenger door wont unlock (door locked shut)

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with the passenger side door lock on my 1999 T4 800 special and was wondering if you could help. The key is able to 'lock and unlock' the door from the outside however the door only opens around 2cm before stopping - I think the mechanism latch that holds the door...
  2. Interior lights backwards?

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi All, I am new to the forum but hoping someone can help me. I have a 2012 T5 and purchased it a little over a month ago. I have the main switch set to come on when doors are open. Everything works okay with the exception of one thing. When the side door is shut and I lock the van the interior...
  3. Disconnect 2010 T5 Sliding Door Lock

    General T5 Technical
    Hi, Just got a 2010 T5 which has a faulty sliding door sensor. The dealer has shipped a new part out to save me a 2hr drive each way and the Wales bridge toll. Using other guides on here I've pretty much managed to get the existing one out of the sliding door, however I'm stumped on this last...
  4. Glove box latch / lock removal

    I have used the search function and can't seem to find the answer on here or anywhere else so hoping someone can help as this must have been done. So I've taken a few dash and door parts down to Dan at DRL Hydrographics today as I'm going for the carbon look. However I'd like to get the glove...
  5. door lock malarky

    General Technical
    Hi all, My passenger door lock is having a fit, and keeps on locking itself and all the other locks. I can see elsewhere on the forum that this is likely to be one of 2 things; wiring fault in the door or fault in the lock - that little spring thingy. When I pull the knob up on the...
  6. Correct lock carrier spec for new T5.1 tailgate

    I have a 2015 T5.1 with barn doors and am fitting a tailgate. The van is 2015 Startline T28, the F-code tailgate is 2016 and the interior fittings are 2017 but all T5.1 spec. Aiming for plug-and-play swap over! Trying to find out if my lock Carrier should be 7H0 827 426 E, AA or Q or T...
  7. barn door handle

    hi guys, had some work done to van and need to adjust the outer handle on the left barn door. when you try to open the door from outside you really have to press handle as far as possible to get lock on top edge of door to release. how do i adjust it to respond sooner, if that makes sense. which...
  8. Barn door lock swap

    General T5 Technical
    I have bought a new pair of barn doors with windows in and would like to change the locks over so that my key will open the new ones. How do I swap the locking mechanism over? Is there anything in particular I should be aware of before taking to it with the tools?
  9. Can I replace a lost lockable fuel cap?

    I rather stupidly drove out of a petrol station and onto a dual carriageway with my fuel cap still on the roof... It bounced off and was probably knocked further down the road by a passing car or squashed under a lorry, never to be seen again. It was a lockable screw cap - opened by my ignition...
  10. Faulty Lock

    Hi folks, I have a 2005 Transporter multivan 2.5L TDI The electronic lock on the left door is only working half the time, often it doesnt open when the key is pressed or with the unlock button on the driver's side. When it does this I can physicaly pull the lock up as I press the button. Has...
  11. Central Locking Relays

    I'm trying to get my central locking working. My van has the central locking relays fitted but I cannot get them to fire off with the remote. I took the door cards off and the relays seem to move when I push the rod manually so not jammed up. All the cabling seems to be connected correctly...
  12. Tailgate Door Stuck

    I have one of the tailgate vans where the door opens upwards. But the door seems to be locked shut even though I can turn the key in the lock. I tried getting at the lock from the inside and there seems to be a small metal bar that flips left and right but still doesn't open. Is it possible...
  13. Leaking Lock

    Is there any way to fix a lock barrel in the sliding door that lets the rain in other than replace it?
  14. Door release has not 'spring push'

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I've just redone my passenger side door handle cable, now it's back together and having cleaned out the door mechanism with WD40, when I pull the lock the door no longer has that initial 'spring open' stage where it pushes away from the door frame, it just opens freely as if it was never latched...
  15. Barn Door Lock microswitch > Tailgate ?

    Morning, Im doing a barn door to tailgate conversion and on my barn door i have a microswitch on the lock barrel. On the tailgate wiring, i don't have anything - or any spare wires that it could be. I don't have my haynes manual to hand, but could anyone tell me what it does? Want to get...
  16. Fixing for glovebox on 03 T4

    Hello, anyone know where I can buy the plastic catch which the lock mechanism clips into - inside the glovebox. I disassembled my glovebox to paint and now can't find the part! Cheers T:
  17. HELP! Drivers door locked shut

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all, I wonder if anyone could help I've managed to lock the drivers side door shut when swapping the doors over, typical! I'm not sure exactly what has caused it to lock shut, although I suspect it is the lock itself (and i also suspect it is my fault for not tightening the lock barrel...
  18. Volkswagon Transporter 2.5 TDi

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hey my name is Tomas Hansson and i live in Norway. I just bought a transporter yesterday. Unfortunately i could open the back door from the outside so i went inside and pressed a small red triangle thinking that it would release the door...It did release the door but now i cannot close the door...
  19. Sliding door lock

    Hi all, I am trying to fix my sliding door lock On my van the side door had a slam lock fitted from when it was a work van, the issue is it cant open from the inside I have taken the panel off to get a look at what is going on and i have fix the door pin, the issue i now have is locking the...
  20. T5 Tailgate Won't Open

    General T5 Technical
    My T5 Caravelle had a minor bump in the rear in a car park. There's a very slight dent to the left of the tailgate handle (hasn't even damaged the paint and only perceptible in sunlight or by running your hand over it). Now the tailgate won't open. It seems that the lock isn't working. I've...