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  1. How do you lock a sliding side window?

    I've not had my T4 Leisuredrive Crusader camper (1992) for that long, and it's just stopped raining long enough for me to want to open the sliding side window above the stove. To my amazement the opening mechanism / sliding bar thing, is on the outside! That means anybody can open it with great...
  2. Door lock barrel swap

    Ok, when I bought my '01 Caravelle I couldn't open the front passenger door from outside. I've bought a replacement door handle from a breaker but here's my problem - I now need to swap the current door lock barrel from my broken door handle into the replacement. I don't have a key for the lock...
  3. Tumbling a door lock...how too ???

    General T4 Chat
    My t4 has a mashed door lock barrel, i have a spare barrel i would like to tumble to match the others anyone help with a how too i can get the barrel out ok but stuck with the rest !!! Cheers
  4. Barn door interior handle wiring

    Can anybody please take a picture of how the interior barn door handle (the one that let's u open it from the inside) is connected to the lock/ where the wires for it go? As I have just bought one and am unsure where to connect it to. (Also if anyone has a spare surround I'd really like to buy...
  5. Barn door locking mechanism.

    General T4 Chat
    Hello, I've recently purchased a '96 lwb. However one of the locking mechanism for the barn doors is missing so I can't open the second door. Is there anywhere where I can get another mech? Any help would be grand. Cheers, B
  6. Notts Velle Syncro project

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi ppl. Thought I had better get on here properly and get some information on these T4 things. I recently picked up a tidy early longnose '97 Caravelle 2.4d for family duties as the wife is often ferrying kids and pets around and she was ruining our old T3 Caravelle. Here is an early photo of...
  7. Barn door locking card removal

    Hi All - Anyone help explain how to disconnect the rod from the door latch? I have everything else disconnected, unbolted etc but I cannot seem to work out this last bit - it's T5 barn door - just want to get to the door handle to add a camera. Cheers
  8. Drivers Door Lock Barrel Broken in to

    Hey everyone, I'm down near Hossegor in france and returned from my surf to find some pikeys have bust in to my van... basically mashed the drivers door lock barrel out and then used a screw driver to turn and pop the lock... see attached pic. Anyways, looking for some advice on costing for a...
  9. t5 sliding door problem

    General T5 Technical
    Hi there, need a little help, just bought a 2005 t5 swb with a single sliding door, the sliding door locks and unlocks fine but I can't open it from the outside after first unlocking, it will open fine from the inside and from then it will open fine from the outside but as soon as I lock it...
  10. Passenger door lock

    Hi I think I’ve got a problem with the lock on the passenger side but just wanted to check with you guys ! T5 57 plate, tailgate. I installed the mod from a member of this forum that allows you to press a button and lock all the doors from the inside. I do not think this has anything to do...
  11. Door pin dropping - is this the part I need?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi, After searching on here I understand that the spring is probably broken inside my drivers door. My question is, is this the item that I need - listed as door mechanism. Also will this part operate ok with central locking or do I need a diffrerent part. 702 837 016 D or is it the actual...
  12. tailgate security block

    does anyone know where i can buy the little metal piece that fits onto the rear tailgate lock so that you can leave the tailgate open but securely jammed? thanks
  13. sliding door outer handle

    im after a sliding door handle for the passenger side must have the bracket and bolt that fits on the inside,not bothered about the lock as it will be de-locked,message me at [email protected] thanks dave
  14. Driver door Not opening

    General Technical
    Hi all T4 just failed the MOT cos the drivers door wont open. Stripped off the door card to see why and its basically because of the long "coat hanger type" wire. It keeps dropping out of the inner lock mechanism because the plastic plug has broke. Tried zip tieing it on but wont have any of it...
  15. Passenger door won't open

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Can anybody help with my passenger door that won't open? When I operate the central locking using my key from the driver's side, the passenger door pin pops up about half way then goes down again. The door remains locked. When I try opening the door with the key, I can only turn the key a bit -...
  16. Sliding door lock screw-driver'd

    Just taken the current panelling out of my SWB T4 (bought a month ago) to fit a new ply lining, and noticed a small hole next to the lock on the sliding door. On closer inspection it looks like this would be the ideal way to flick open the lock mech with a screw-driver :( Anyone else had this...
  17. Sticking Barn Doors

    General Technical
    Having trouble getting the rear doors open if the van has been parked up for a while. The cause seems clear - corrosion caused by salt water. So, before I get the wire brush out, can anyone offer any tips? :)