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  1. Central Locking

    Passenger door wont unlock. CL keeps locking. Changed solenoid, but still get same problem. CL works for rest of doors if passenger solenoid is unplugged. Any ideas? TIA Patrick T4 LWB 2002 2.5 TDI model
  2. central locking doorknob fell out

    Hi there! I just bought a 2001 T4 Multivan. I wonder if anyone knows how to re-attach the drivers side central locking knob that sits on top of the door card by the window. It has come loose and I guess I have to remove the door card to screw it back in. Anyone done this? Any help greatly...
  3. Replacement Keys & Fob

    Hi. My keys for T4 are almost worn out to the point where the main key on the fob doesn't open the drivers door but the spare does but the spare doesn't open the tailgate but the original fob key does. My central locking doesn't work at all. Where would I buy inexpensive replacement fob and...
  4. T5 Thule Locking Aero Roof bars & Footpack

    Parts For Sale
    I have for sale a pair of Thule Aero bars along with the locking foot pack, fixing kit and both keys to lock it all in place. Basically everything needed to fit them to a T5. Great quality as you would expect from Thule. I can't find any part numbers but I've now got pictures Can...
  5. Remote key fob dead? Or wiring problem?

    Today my central locking has stopped responding to the key fob, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Turning the key in the lock still operates the central locking fine, all the doors lock/unlock and the red light on the drivers door flashes when locked. I've read about the wiring...
  6. Hazard lights fault

    Hi forum, I'm at a loss with this one; I see a few threads started with similar issues but don't see any resolution. Any help greatly appreciated! Symptoms: 1) Hazard lights come on when parked and locked. No real pattern to it, random duration. Stopped only by pressing the hazards button on...
  7. Electrical central locking glitches

    I have a 2000 reg T4 2.5TDi with some electrical problems. We've recently had new wiring put into the drivers side door as the electric windows and mirrors stopped working. They are now fine, but shortly after this was done, the locks have started playing up. I've seen other threads with...
  8. Wanted t4 central locking motor genuine one in green not black !

    Hi i'm after a central locking motor for my 2000 t4, it is the green coloured one not the black one...i have the black older version as a spare in my collection of stuff but it has different connectors...anyone got one or just the electric motor from the inside so i can rebuild it..cheers
  9. 99 velle central locking issue

    Hi all I have read and read all the threads I could find about the central locking faults and hoped I could get some help withine I am a proud new owner of my first bus it's a vw t4 caravelle I am really pleased with it and looking forward to some shows this summer but the remote locking don't...
  10. Security. Locking bikes on a bike rack. ??

    T4 Conversions
    There must be a safer and more secure way than relying on the bike rack being fitted to the door and locking to that. Is there something on the market that you can lock through the doors, and lock to the bike rack. Anyone got any thoughts on this. Thanks.
  11. Toad Ai606 and central locking.

    This has driven me absolutely nuts today!!! Central locking all working in the van. 5 wire drivers door solenoid and relay and the rest all running off the blue and red wires from there. Works off key and off the door pin. Fitted the alarm today, tried every conceivable option of wiring in the...
  12. Help, my key will lock but no unlock

    :confused: My key has just decided not to work, locks as usual but no unlock. I can unlock with key and all is fine but none the less... rather annoying!! ha! any help is much appreciated as always, Thanks before hand for any help!
  13. Passenger door lock

    Hi I think I’ve got a problem with the lock on the passenger side but just wanted to check with you guys ! T5 57 plate, tailgate. I installed the mod from a member of this forum that allows you to press a button and lock all the doors from the inside. I do not think this has anything to do...
  14. Wheels and locking nuts?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Can anyone identify the wheels on my van? They're 18' and have VW badged centres, theres a MK5 Golf GTI round these parts sporting the same ones, are they a factory VW option? Also, I noticed they're not fitted with locking nuts, which has me slightly concerned……..where can I get some good...
  15. Locking wheel bolts please :-)

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi. Fairly new to T5 ownership. We have an '05 shuttle in fresco green which the wife calls Matilda? Anyhow, just shelled out rather a lot of the kids inheritance (thanks Theo) on a set of 19" black mesh alloys which have turned this ex posh taxi into a growling beastie. The wheels came complete...
  16. HELP!! Locking Wheel Nut Stuck

    General Van Chat
    As above. Got 2 out of 4 out. 2 stuck in. Solid and the key is now knackered. Tried hammering a socket over it and theyre so tight even that just slipped and rounded off. Tried drilling one of the ones that ive got out and its just ruining the drill bits and hardly getting anywhere. Anyone got...
  17. Door locks / remote locking?

    General T4 Chat
    The door locks (barrels) in my front passenger and sliding door have come out - I still have the passenger one but sliding door one was missing when I bought the van. Does anyone know if this is easy to fix and if so how? I can put the passenger door one back in to lock and unlock the door but...
  18. Central locking acting up........

    If anyone can help me with this ill buy them a pint....... When i lock my T4 with the key the central locking locks all the doors and immediately unlocks them! can anyone tell me what the problem might be, as its doin my head in!!