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  1. Auto door locking when moving

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me if you can switch on the auto door locking when moving on a 2007 Shuttle? :*
  2. Door locks

    General T5 Technical
    Hi guys Looked around on many threads and can’t seem to find an answer to my issue. I am having lock issues and tried the usual checks: Checked wiring loom under drivers seat Removed battery to reset the bcu Unplugged bcu while car turned on. Issue I am experiencing is as follows...
  3. Drivers door lock problem

    Hi....I have 2006 T5 Shuttle. When I lock the van using the remote the drivers door sometimes does not lock.....the button stays up. Similarly, if the van is fully locked and I try unlocking using the remote the drivers door sometimes does not unlock.....the button stays down. All the other...
  4. T4 - Catch/Lock holes drilled into rear doors and slider..

    General T4 Chat
    Hi, My T4 has previously had a padlock and catch bolted onto the rear doors and also one on the slider door and under the fuel filler. Each side of the catch has three holes drilled. They are currently covered by a metal plate but I really want it back to normal. Im guessing a few people have...
  5. A problem with Central locking

    General Technical
    Hello I've a Caravelle t4, 2002. It's the one with two sliding doors. The nearside sliding door has stopped working. The knob goes up and down when the central locking is operated but despite this it remains locked shut and can't be opened. The offside sliding door works ok, but isn't operated...
  6. Need help with barn door lock and latch mechanism

    The van I've bought has had some security locks fitted to the barn doors and sliding door, I'm wanting rid of them so in the process of removing them. The thing I'm struggling with is the link bars inside, to me it looks like some are missing as I can't open drivers rear barn door from the...
  7. Locking cap jammed / how to get in / replace?

    T4 Conversions
    Hi. Recently bought t4 campervan and I've now come to try to open the water cap on the side of the van, but the key won't go in! I've no reason to doubt that the key is the right one (same logo on key+cap, and previous owner said it was the right one), and I've tried WD40 but not got anywhere...
  8. Electrical central locking glitches

    I have a 2000 reg T4 2.5TDi with some electrical problems. We've recently had new wiring put into the drivers side door as the electric windows and mirrors stopped working. They are now fine, but shortly after this was done, the locks have started playing up. I've seen other threads with...
  9. no door keys - who does replacements?

    Hi, just bought a T4 and I have keys for ignition (with immobiliser all ok), but door keys not present. I have been given a 4 digit code for ordering replacements but ... am fearing i've been ebayed. Any idea about getting just door keys with a four digit reference code?? Thanks!
  10. Ignition barrel

    General Technical
    Hi guys, I'm a new member and have got my first problem... I recently bought a 1998 T4 but the original key has been snapped in the ignition. The previous owners ex-missis has lost the key fob with the transponder chip. Would it be possible for me to just change the barrel and key and just get...
  11. Set of Locks.

    Hi all, Im looking for a new set of locks, I unlocked my drivers door today and half the barrel came out with the key. If anyone can help please PM me. Thanks Dave
  12. Lock Set Advice

    I've put an edited version of this in the wanted section but as I need advice also I hope no one minds it here as well?! My key is currently stuck in the ignition barrel of my van and despite trying loads of WD40, wiggling, removing the barrel etc I can't shift it. So, I'm looking for a new set...
  13. Lock/Key Set

    The key has decided it can't bear to be parted from the ignition barrel of my van (1999 T4) so I need options on keys, locks etc. Advice or locks needed asap before I have to go to a dealer! So what you got? Thanks Gareth
  14. Passenger door won't open

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Please can anyone help with my passenger door that won't open? It is locked and won't open either via central locking or using the key directly in the passenger door. The locking pin pops up about half way then goes down again. Brute force on the locking pin doesn't help either. All suggestions...
  15. Passenger door won't open

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Can anybody help with my passenger door that won't open? When I operate the central locking using my key from the driver's side, the passenger door pin pops up about half way then goes down again. The door remains locked. When I try opening the door with the key, I can only turn the key a bit -...
  16. Broken sliding window catch on Caravelle

    Hello I am trying to get hold of the top part of the lock from the rear sliding window but am now having much luck looked on ebay and here but cant find any advise would be great thanks taking family to france and as no air conditioning will need to open windows (hopfully) thanks for your...
  17. Broken sliding window catch on Caravelle

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hello I was wondering if anyone can help out on advise where i can get hold of the top part of the locking mechanisum on the rear sliding windows? the window is fin and the part that is stuck to the window seems to be fine however i have search threads and checked ebay and can fine no luck...
  18. Door locks / remote locking?

    General T4 Chat
    The door locks (barrels) in my front passenger and sliding door have come out - I still have the passenger one but sliding door one was missing when I bought the van. Does anyone know if this is easy to fix and if so how? I can put the passenger door one back in to lock and unlock the door but...