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  1. Rare van apparently...

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    Sorry to pop up here after so long without any input into the forum but I've not had a van for a while. A good friend has an apparently quite rare bus for sale. So I'm looking for a bit if advice... Firstly, is it rare and second, what's it worth? It's a 2000 on an X Reg T4 Long Nose...
  2. Gucci Headlights for 03 Long Nose 888 Special?????

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    Hi, Can anyone recommend a set of replacement LED or Angel Eye type headlights for the long nose T4? We bought some from T4's R Us that say they are for our bus but our electrical installer reckons they don't fit and I'm struggling to find any others... Do they exist? Poor Gerty's patiently...
  3. Vw t4 2.5 tdi 102 long nose caravelle

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    111067575226 My T4 long nose T4 caravelle 2.5tdi 102 auto on ebay.
  4. 2002 , long nose , Caravelle

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    Sold .....................................sold The van is now sold
  5. long nose angel eyes lhd to rhd

    hi,im after some advise,ive bought some angel eyes for my long nose t4,got them at a good price but im pretty sure the are for a left hand drive,just wondering if anyone has managed to make their's into right hand drive,ive heard something about using bmw 3 series headlights,im not going to give...
  6. Long Nose Re-Build

    The Workshop
    after a smash a few months ago and some fighting with the insurance company iv been vanless, but theirs good new the insurance company have finally paid out :D and iv bought the van back to repair. theres some details bout the accident here...