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  1. Rattling / knocking / cracking noise after H&R 40mm springs fitted

    Steering & Suspension
    Shortly after having 40mm H & R spring fitted a rattling /knocking / cracking noise started to be noticeable. It seems to be coming from around the area of the sliding door rear catch (it could be lower down). On rough roads it is does not seem to be there at all. It is noticeable only on...
  2. 96 T4 Lowdown Project Spares or Repair

    Vans For Sale
    96 T4 Lowdown Project Spares or Repair £1600 o.n.o. Just putting this up to see if it gets any interest. I have a 1996 VW T4 800 Special sat at 142,000 which I'm looking to sell to fund the deposit for a house. The van is currently parked up as the lower gearbox mount has cracked (see pics)...
  3. Newbie here - West London - Servicing on a T4

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi I bought a T4 yesterday and I would like to give it a full service. I lack the Equipment / Knowhow (just now) to do it myself. I live in West London can anybody recommend a good mechanic / garage? Also when I bought it, for some reason the rear and the rear only has been lowered. I have...
  4. Standard Steelies & Lowered...PICS Please

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hey:cool: Call me mad...call me cool!lol...I like my standard 16" 'dotty pattern' steelies T: My vans just clocked 142k and no record of any suspension items replaced...time to make a list :) OEM shocks alround.. -40 H&R springs ALL new bushes ( OEM spec..not PU/Powerflex type) Has anyone...
  5. 2003 VW Transporter T4 SWB TAILGATE 103bhp 2461cc

    Vans For Sale
    Here I am selling my much loved T4 because I have bought another and can't keep both. This is a SWB, short nosed, black T4. It has never had any problems, starts first time, great van or light haulage, or to turn into a camper!! With a bit of TLC this van could be a show van in not time. It...
  6. All terrian tyres on 40mm drop advice please

    Wheels & Tyres
    I love the look of the A/T tyres. Got some genuine VW BBS RL coming and want to fit some all terrains. Thinking 225/70 if possible but my van is lowerd 40mm on Ebiach springs. Anyone know if they would fit or any other sizes? Some pics would be amazing, Cheers people
  7. White with a touch of black

    Team White
    Hi, Been a member for a few years now but have only recently got round to buying a van. As we all know its a bit of a minefield and after looking at a few ex-builders vans a year or two ago I figured as I intend to keep the van for a number of years that the dealers were worth a look. Picked a...
  8. T5 Caravelle Lowering

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi I love my standard 2011 T5 Caravelle 2.0d 140 SWB, but I would like it a bit lower - nothing drastic just to make it a better looking and hopefully firm up the ride a little. Any advice please? I was looking at VW Sportline springs, but now thinking H&R. They seem more popular for...
  9. Riva RVR 20" 275x45 Lowering dilemma T5

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, I'm new to the site so hopefully I'm fullowing the rules but apologies if I've got it wrong... I'm looking for some help and hope somebody can help me. I bought a T5 (2011) a few months back which had the above mentioned alloys and tyre spec. I'd like to lower it (as it's pretty high with...
  10. 1993 T4, Lowered, Body Kit, Long MOT. Reduced price.

    Vans For Sale
    I am selling my 1993 T4 to embark on another project. This is a nice conversion which has served me well. It is MOT'd until September. However, my mechanic has informed me that it will need some welding and probably replacement sills before it will pass another. This will involve removing part...
  11. 1993 T4, 2.4 Diesel, Lowered, Body Kit, Camper

    Vans For Sale
    Due to another project I regrettably have to sell my Camper. It is a nicely converted 2.4 diesel T4, lowered with body kit. it has 202k miles on the clock. Contains a leisure battery with zig charger, mains hookup, gas heater fitted underneath, rock & roll bed, DVD player and television receiver...
  12. 1998 t4 caravelle long nose

    Vans For Sale
    I HAVE MY PROJECT FOR SALE AS I JUST DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT. It a long nose in green, 2.4 diesel, full caravelle with heating front and rear. Aircon electronic windows central locking and mirrors mirrors.curtains around including cab divider. 18 inch alloys with good tyres and lowered...
  13. VW T5 T28 174 Campervan For Sale

    Vans For Sale
    Selling Price - £10,999 ovno Location - Harrogate, North Yorkshire Please PM me to touch base After three fantastic years of ownership I have decided to sell my T5, the reason being that I had such a good time customising it I now want to do another one!! I guess I'm a sucker for punishment...
  14. Strange knocking in the rear

    General T4 Chat
    Hi there Lowered my t4 the other day, front was fine and replaced springs in the rear, it's been lowered about 65mm maybe a bit more on the front. Only problem is now I have a strange knocking sound in the rear, somewhere on the right hand side? Only knocks when turning right Anyone have...
  15. Alloy Wheel Spacer Question?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Evening all, I recently lowered my 58 plate 2.5 130 T5 T32 on Bilstein B14 coilovers and tried to fit a set of 19" Range Rover Sport alloys with 255/50/19 107Y tyres on them. The inconvenient problem was I need spacers (should have read up on this more). Anyway I have found a set of 15mm...
  16. Need help/advice with Lowering 85mm

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi i have a t4 2.5tdi 888 special, I have 18 inch wheels with 225/407/18 tyres on. I want to lower it 85mm and the front to match but dont want it to rub!!!! Does anyone have the same set up that can tell me it it rubs or not, also has anyone used those fake coilovers they do for t4s? do the...
  17. Wanted - T4 Heavy Duty Lowering Springs

    I'm after a set of -40 or -50mm lowering springs for my 2001 T4 LWB. They have to be Heavy Duty versions though. Like the T4SRUS Green -40mm jobbies ideally. I already have a set of Technix -45mm on there, but cos of being a LWB with conversion and me carring loads of stuff in the boot I've...
  18. 275/40/20 tyres, how low can we go?

    Wheels & Tyres
    I would prefer this tyre size BUT want to keep it low (-75mm). How low have you gone with 275/40/20 and what rims/offset have you put them on? Please help me decide by sharing your experienceT:
  19. Stormer + V-Maxx = Nightmares????

    Wheels & Tyres
    Definitive answers only please! Ok good people of planet T5, so, I got the van (T28 2.5L) and fitted the V-Maxx coilovers, have them wound right down and have achieved an 80mm drop. I’m well impressed with them. I now need alloys and 20” Range Rover Stormers are my choice. 1, I would like...
  20. Wheels for T4

    General Van Chat
    Hi peeps, Got a T4 and wondered what size alloy wheels i can put on. I have heard you can put 20's on standard but i do a bit of motorcross so have heavy bikes in the back so wondered if 18's and a 50mm drop would be ok so they dont scrub. Does anyone have any advice or past problems they wish...