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  1. Steering & Suspension
    Hi, I've got a 1999 T4 SWB which has had a rear spring snap. Now, its darn low, 18's sit in the arches at the rear and it was like this when I bought it so its a mystery as to what the springs are with regards to make or designed lowering value. I do cart a lot of weight around too. The ride...
  2. Steering & Suspension
    Hi All, Just recently moved out to Aus and bought a 2014 T5 'Multivan' (2.0 TDi with DSG gearbox). Things are a bit different out here with a distinct lack in Van Cult. From what I can gather; the Multivan seems to be a rebadged European Caravelle? It was the closest thing we could find to what...
  3. Steering & Suspension
    Boys/Girls! I've bought some Bilstein B6's for the four corners and Springs for the back (T4SRUS heavy coils - Thick Green ones - will be carting family around in day van and amps/guitars/band members at other times) Just 3 questions, How long would the job take to do all four fitting and...
  4. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi There, Go easy on me as this is my first post! As the standard 17" "Thunder" alloys on the 2013 LWB Kombi have to go, I've been doing my research on 20" wheels with the people who sell them and fit them, almost everyone has put me off them! As my van that's arriving on Friday is a LWB T5...
  5. Steering & Suspension
    Today I took a drive This is before [the photo I took this morning is a bit poor - so I have used an old pic] This is after Measured from the centre of the wheel to the wheelarch Before - 440 front & 430 rear After - 400 front & 400 rear If I am totally honest, the ride feels no...
  6. Steering & Suspension
    Hi. New to this. I bought a set of h&r 40mm lowering springs and my van has only lowered about 25 in front and 20 mm at rear. I done a little bit of research and found that I should of bought 29270-1 instead off 29270 -4 as my front and rear axle weights is 2500kg. The guy I bought them off on...
  7. Steering & Suspension
    Hi all, I have A set of Range Rover Sport 20" wheels on the T5 and now want lower it. Any advice on how low I can go with these wheels before I start having issues and what springs to buy. I don't really want to go coil overs or air, just springs. At the moment, wheels fit fine and drive great...
  8. Steering & Suspension
    I have read a ton of info and tried to get as near unbiast info as b14s as I can and am at crunch time now for b12 or b14s... I am no lowering junkie, but gave been told that the best set up for b14s is typically a 50mm drop....so far as I can tell, the b12 and b14s, have a technical advantage...
  9. eBay Listings
    Have now fitted t4srus heavy duty 50mm lowering springs so selling the 60mm springs which were fitted a couple of years back. The springs have become rusty on the surface but still seem very solid. 161544672190
  10. General Van Chat
    Hi, can anyone help me please? Does anyone know how low I can lower my van, it is a short wheelbase 2.4d 1995 t4? Also what would be the best springs to get? Many thanks James
  11. Steering & Suspension
    Just ordered my lowering springs from Merseyspeed over the phone. Helped me work out which ones i needed for my camper and advised on new bearings and rubbers. Should be here tomorrow. Great service. T: Here's some before pics: I'll post some after pics once they're fitted. Dave.
  12. Parts For Sale
    For sale - my 18 month old AVO -50mm lowering springs... Only done about 1000 miles on my Caravelle / camper! ( not used daily ). Good quality springs providing a good balance of lowness and ride quality... There in perfectly good usable condition, some light surface rust. Cost me £150 plus...
  13. Steering & Suspension
    has anyone by any chance got any photos they could share of there T5 with 16" wheels lowered by 55mm? I am considering having it done and really want to see the finished product before I spend out. ;)
  14. Steering & Suspension
    I can only imagine this topic has been covered many times, but I need to drop my 1.9 t5 2006 by 40mm minimum. It is currently standard. I spend many hours driving it each day, around London, there are quite a few speed bumps. I do not want to compromise ride or practicality but want to go lower...
  15. Wanted
    Its a long shot but if you dont try etc .. I need some eibach springs and would like to try some animal seat covers T: Thanks for looking dave with a t4
  16. Wanted
    Ok a list of usual things i suppose, its all for my mate Dave, hes on a tight budget so if we can get these things cheaper than new then great..T: Basically he has a transporter-caravelle with only two windows, one on slider, one behind driver, so needs enough ply for the rest of the wall...
1-16 of 17 Results