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  1. coilover install cost

    Steering & Suspension
    Without ploughing through all the threads to find out, how much should I be expected to pay for a mechanic to fit coilovers? CMC coilovers supplied by myself to be fitted to a T26.
  2. Lowering pic request

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi all, I may have asked on here before but got no response, I am after some ideas for lowering my van, I run on 16" standard sized alloys, i don't want to change the alloys as I like them but wish to close the arch gap, maybe using spacers too once lowered, I am looking at the coil over option...
  3. Pro sport Coil overs

    Steering & Suspension
    Question, as Pro sport coil overs are a budget product any they any good? if not which ones should I go for if I have to pay the extra for quality?
  4. Basic advice on lowering T4

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi All I have been using the forum for a few year before just to gather advice for my 2001 T4. Anyway I was thinking of lowering the van only by about 40mm or so but the range of product available is astonishing and all a bit over my head. All I want to do is change the springs as I do not...
  5. 17" Steel Wheels and Lowering

    Steering & Suspension
    My T30 sits really high on it's 16" steel wheels. I don't want it ultra low and I don't want massive alloys on either. I was planning on sticking some H&R springs on and putting some 17" steel wheels on. Would this look ok? Does anyone else have 40mm drop h&r springs with the 17" steel wheels...
  6. Lowered on H&R 40mm springs

    Steering & Suspension
    Had the van lowered using H&R 40mm lowering springs this week, really happy with the result. Before and after pics.
  7. How much should lowering springs cost to fit???

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi All, This is my first ever post as I picked up my van only last friday. My wallet is empying faster than I could have ever imagined but I am feeling a connection to Bertie (the name given to my new toy) already. I have bought the 55mm lowering kit from Just Kampers and have been looking...
  8. T4 torsion bar bolts and nuts to lower front end

    In the process of lowering the van and mine are seized solid and my mechanic dont fancy taking off the fuel tank to heat up the old ones So just need pair of adjuster bolts and nuts if possible Cash waiting Many thanks
  9. MOT Failure on Lowered Coils - Any Advice?

    Steering & Suspension
    MOT Failure on Lowered Coils & Decat - Any Advice? Hi Guys, Anyone got any advice for me on my MOT? I just had it into VW van centre for a new Cambelt and got them to do an MOT while it was in there to try and save me time - that has monumentally backfired! They sent it to Peugot!!! for...
  10. Lowering and insurance..?

    Steering & Suspension
    Morning everyone Not sure if this has been answered before as I cannot see it in the T4 forum searches I have tried, so please excuse me if it is already covered (I have tried honest) I have just received a new T5 Kombi, T30, 2.0, 180BHP, DSG, which I am very pleased with although I would...
  11. Fitting coilovers, anything that's worth replacing at the same time.

    Steering & Suspension
    Hello all. So I've just purchased a set of Bilstein B14's for my T32 that I will be fitting at the first available time in December. Just wanting to know if there is anything that would be worth while replacing whilst I do the job. So if anybody has any suggestions what to replace, perhaps from...
  12. Another coilover for T32 question.

    Steering & Suspension
    Sorry for yet another question regarding T32 and coilovers. I'm about to purchase coilovers for my T32 LWB and would like to hear what people have to say about the ones that are available. (Gaz, H&R and Bilstein). Whilst reading and looking at as many images I can find and it seems there is...
  13. Wanted - T4 Heavy Duty Lowering Springs

    I'm after a set of -40 or -50mm lowering springs for my 2001 T4 LWB. They have to be Heavy Duty versions though. Like the T4SRUS Green -40mm jobbies ideally. I already have a set of Technix -45mm on there, but cos of being a LWB with conversion and me carring loads of stuff in the boot I've...
  14. How to lower a T4 - An idiots guide

    Steering & Suspension
    Forgot to ad pics! See below...
  15. I need to lower by 40mm do I go for spring or coilovers?

    Steering & Suspension
    I can only imagine this topic has been covered many times, but I need to drop my 1.9 t5 2006 by 40mm minimum. It is currently standard. I spend many hours driving it each day, around London, there are quite a few speed bumps. I do not want to compromise ride or practicality but want to go lower...
  16. Help and advice re: front end suspension

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi My '96 velle seems quite harsh when driving over bumpy roads, it is totally standard and is a factory conversion into a camper. It has 15" alloys Votex) that were standard to the van on delivery. I noticed it for a while now, when going coming out of dips etc it seems to 'top out' as the...
  17. Torsion bar *WARNING*

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi I just want to make people aware of potential problems with lowering suspension and not doing it properly. I bought my van off one of the world's most horrible people. A man who had run the van into the ground and not bother fixing anything that was broken. When we bought it there was a...
  18. Tidy Transporter Time.

    General T4 Chat
    So tomorrow morning, my little battered looking van is going to have some work done to her finally. Having owned her only for a short while, other t4 projects like my ex aa field project have got in the way and taken all my cash, then she decided that it was time for a new clutch.... my bank was...
  19. Lowering my van

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi guys, I just wanted to run something by you. Recently I decided to lower my van, so I spoke to a well known VW Parts distributer and they suggested that I purchase from them one of their 'Premium HD Lowering kits' that should drop my van by around 50mm and lower the centre of gravity and give...
  20. Will my wheels scrub? advice please :)

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi everyone just brought my first t4 and loving it. its still got stock wheels on which are 195/70 R15's and hasnt been lowered yet. im looking at changing the rims and tyres to 225/45 R18's and lowering it by 40-50mm. the question is with these size tyres and the lowering will my front...