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  1. General T5 Chat
    Hello! We are documenting the conversion of our white 57 plate LWB T5 on Twitter. Just wondered if anyone else out there is doing this? Would love to get some more van friends following us www.twitter.com/camperplan @camperplan Here's where we are up to with our conversion: Next up is...
  2. T5 Conversions
    Hi there. Looking at converting a lwb with kitchen at rear and tailgate. Is a conventional front to back pop up best ? Or a sideways pop up? If going for sideways , can it incorporate an upstairs bed? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks::eek:
  3. Team Black
    Original Pics from the Dealership. I guess its never going to look better than these, in terms of polish and paintwork. Hello, This is the Build thread for my new joy, currently named - Prudence. I have to say, the name is still under some debate. If this were a baby, we're probably at...
  4. New T5 Members Forum
    Hello everyone, So the dream has come true and i can afford my first Transporter! LOL: I do need help though! i dont know wether to get a LWB or SWB so im going to be truthfully honest and have what i believe are the pros and cons: LWB = Pros: The Dream, More room for me and the mountain...
  5. General T5 Chat
    HI I have a T5 LWB camervan that has been converted from a T5 panel van. It is fully fitted out, (boarded and lined with carpet, kitchen, bed and cupboards). There have been 2 windows fitted, one into the sliding door and one into the opposite panel (above the kitchen unit) but when I am...
1-5 of 5 Results