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  1. Low power low top speed

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, I've been madly reading this site basically nonstop since I got the van - a 2003 t4 2.5tdi AJT. I do not really know the history of it and mainly bought it as it was a steal - 350k on the clock.... :) I have now replaced all filters and put 2 new (to me) alternators on (the original...
  2. Air Mass Meter replacement T5.1

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, I've a galactic mileage T5.1 Caravelle and the amber engine light clicked on - fault diagnosis by RAC was for the Air Mass Meter, confirmed at a local garage the other day. They are quoting me about 220 quid for replacement Air Mass Meter and Gasket (same thing?) inc VAT. Having looked...
  3. T4 ACV loss of power/limp mode after standing on gas pedal

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there, I have had a problem with my since experiencing a turbo failure some time ago (that happened in the country of Georgia). Since then the car had been driving exactly the same as when I had a faulty MAF sensor so I replaced that with a genuine new one and now the van starts fine and...
  4. no boost issues on ACV 2.5 T4

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, my2003 t4 102bhp is not boosting...sent it to the garage and they have said ECU has no signal to N75 and said I need a new ECU but took it home and scanned it myself and I managed to clear all faults but still no boost can anyone help with it? just done a scan of my van and it's showing...
  5. MAF and MAP sensors. How many are there?

    Hi, my first post here and I have searched for hours now and not found any answers but hopefully this'll be fairly simple to someone! My van is a T5.1 140 with 156k on and it has recently started running rough at times and is sometimes noticeably louder when under load. I had the codes read and...
  6. T4 2.5 TDI Limp Mode Problem

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, I have a strange problem where my van randomly goes into limp mode and gets stuck there. Essentially it happened first about 6 months ago. I was driving and then my van wouldnt go above 1000RPM. I turned off my engine and turned it on but it still remained in limp mode. I had to leave...
  7. MAF Sensor quick check

    I'm sure this may have been asked a thousand times already but can't seem to find any answers one way or another. Ok , if I disconnect my MAF sensor and the van runs the same as with it connected, and the wiring tests come up spot on, and the air flow system has been tested for leeks and...
  8. MAF badly gunged, do i need to do manifold too?

    Engine & Gearbox
    me MAF was badly gunged up. its clean now. question, has anyone ever replaced a MAF without cleaning manifold too? if so, what happened? ta
  9. MAF fault code on me new -help!

    Engine & Gearbox
    So, into the 2nd week with me new (2006) T5. This is the first car ever bought from a dealer and im regretting it already. Driving kids home from school started running rough and smoking (worse than it already was). Felt lucky to make it home. Check engine light is now staying on. So I Ran...
  10. Turbo Issues!!!help please?

    Engine & Gearbox
    2001 Caravelle TDi 102 suddlenly wont rev over 2500rpm and engine totally flat, no whistle puffy black smoke on start and driving. its not dirty air filter, MAF or N75 valve/hoses, or loose intercooler pipes, checked. Im certain its the turbo cos the actuator wont move, 168k. VW is not what I...
  11. T4 2.5 TDi Low on power and occasional misfire?! MAF? N75?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi everyone, I've been a member for a while now and often look through the posts and have always found the pool of knowledge pretty impressive so I thought I'd test the waters myself and see what everyone has to say! VAN: '01 T4 2.5 Tdi Particulate Filter fitted (to comply with London...
  12. Mass Air Flow Sensor Problem

    Engine & Gearbox
    There are a lot of useful threads about this common problem, but I would still appreciate help. I have an R reg 2.5 TDI Caravelle (150K) with a Pierburg MAF Sensor. About 4 months ago my van suddenly developed the standard problem that it had little power, especially above 2000 rpm. My (non...
  13. Is my MAF plug OK?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Just got the van back from a new cambelt and it seems very smooth but slower. I took the MAF plug off the MAF housing and noticed that it's only got 4 connectors in it but the MAF has 5 prongs. Is this right? Thanks Chris
  14. loss of power after engine wash

    General Technical
    I went to look a nice 2003 T4 2.5 tdi today. Just before I got there the guy brought it to the carwash. Unfortunately the power washer operator lifted the bonnet and sprayed the inside of comparment, all over the sensors, battery, ecu etc. Anyway, I arrived to your man selling the van looking...
  15. Back on the road - feels like a new van!

    General T4 Chat
    Had a bit of bother with the van over the last couple of weeks - failed the MOT on the brake servo, reg plate lights and brake balance. Some stupid errors on my part and also some things which have been there since we got it (I think the previous MOT was, shall we say, questionable). Anyway...
  16. air mass meter - is it dangerous to leave it unplugged long term

    Engine & Gearbox
    hi i have recently purchased a 2.5tdi 03 which is running on bio diesel. it seems to lack the performance of a turbo engine (albeit its only 88bhp) and seems a lot slower in some respects to my old 2.4 t4!! However, when i unplug the MAF air mass meter, the performance kicks in Ok. no sensors...
  17. Which MAF do I need?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I'm looking for the right MAF sensor for my 2.5L, 88bhp, AJT 2002 van. (I have searched on the threads but MAF is too short to search on etc etc) The Bosch one I have at the mo has F 00C 2G2 055 on it which only throws up use on a Seat Toledo on the web? Have I got the wrong one in it? :*...
  18. Air Mass Sensor, Original VW unused

    Parts For Sale
    Guys for sale is a unused new Official VW Air mass sensor for a T4 2.5tdi. I thought my van needed one, but it didn't so bought it and never fitted. I now cant return it to VW, so its for sale here. I bought it for £120. So offers as near to that and ill be happy. It will come with the...
  19. HOW TO - Test G70 AIR MASS METER (aka MAF Sensor)

    Technical Articles
    The air mass meter is a critical sensor and well known for causing performance issues. But don't rush into replacing it until you do these checks. The signal from the air mass meter is required by the control unit to calculate the required injection quantity and to control the exhaust gas...
  20. HOW TO - Check your intake manifold pressure sender (G71) using Vagcom/VCDS

    Technical Articles
    Please note that this guide is for a 4 pin sensor, even though the fitting location diagram for the ACV engine shows a 2 pin intercooler (location is the same though). The 2 pin sensor is actually just a temperature sensor. The boost pressure is measured by a pipe plumbed directly to the ECU...