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  1. Looking for recommendations: reconditioned manual gearboxes in London

    Engine & Gearbox
    In search of a reliable supplier of reconditioned manual gearboxes in/near London for my 2004 T5. It's a 5 speed manual transmission. Suggestions gratefully received!
  2. Selecting reverse gear 102 acv 02g gearbox

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all a very basic question and a bit embarrasing after swapping from auto to manual gearbox, do I need to push the stick down to select reverse or just move it all the way over to the right then back as if selecting a 6th gear if it were fitted ? All the other gears seem to select nicely after...
  3. Wanted ! Vw t4 caravelle 102 swb manual single slider

    Hi all I am looking for a caravelle as above, my wish list is swb manual single slider with the 102bhp engine ! My profile says up north but I'm down south now but willing to travel anywhere for the right van..I miss my t4 so much ! Cheers
  4. High Pitch Whine when in gear increasing or decreasing Revs? VW T5 - 2006

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey there. Just noticed today that when I go into gear, most gears as far as i'm aware, definitely 1/2/3/4 that there is a high pitch whine that increases and decreases as the revs do the same... It's not noticeable when out of gear and is not a very loud sound, but with windows up and no music...
  5. Where can I find a MAC OS compatible VW Transporter T5.1 Manual?

    General Van Chat
    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a manual (like ElasWin) for the VW T5.1 Transporter that is compatible with Mac OS? Cheers Jimnibob
  6. Haynes Workshop Manual For 2001 2.4 Syncro

    General Van Chat
    Hi. I have been looking for the Haynes manual for my van for a while and I can find the manual for the non-syncro Transporter. These manuals do not cover the Syncro unfortunately. Is there a separate manual for Syncro vans?
  7. T4 Owners Handbook

    General T4 Chat
    Hi, does anyone know where to get a copy of the Owners Handbook for the '1998 1000TD SWB' T4. I have a copy of the "Workshop Manual", which is great. PDF or hard copy. Cheers
  8. instructions on how to operate westabo heater

    General T5 Technical
    ive got a 2006 T5 multivan now with westabo stand heating -is the type with the LCD control in the roof by the rearview mirror. problem: ive only got german instructions on how to use it.I: can anyone tell me how in English? or send me link to manual in english? many thanks
  9. Service record book needed

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi guys I've purchased a 58 plate 102 t5, previous owner lost service record book along with owners manual, any ideas where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  10. Workshop Manual For Diesel T4

    Engine & Gearbox
    Does anyone know if the Workshop Manual For Diesel T4 1996–1999 covered the 2.5 litre (102bhp/81kw) ACV 5-cylinder Euro2 TDI with intercooler and catalyst engine. thanks
  11. Haynes Manual - Is there one?

    General Technical
    I've got a Caravelle t4 2001 Diesel Automatic I wanted to get a haynes manual, but I can't find one. Is there one???
  12. DSG gearbox or manual?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I'm considering the purchase of a new or nearly new Transporter Shuttle with DSG box. Anyone had experience of this lump? I currently have 130 T5 with regular auto which I had to replace after (just) 205k miles - but needed zero maintenance up to that point. What advise do you have for me? DSG...
  13. Does Stub Shaft and Driveshaft Problem Apply to 2.5 Auto?

    Engine & Gearbox
    As a newbie I've been busy doing as much homework I can. Currently looking a potential purchase of a BCP 2.5 auto. Does the stripped drive splines problem apply to auto boxes as well as manuals? And are there any issues with the auto gearbox that I should be looking for? Cheers for the help.
  14. Haynes manual for VW Golf & Jetta Mar '84 to Feb '92

    VAG Parts For Sale
    As it says above, I have a mint copy of the Haynes manual for a Mk2 Golf and it also covers the Jetta, Mar '84 to Feb'92 petrol models. There are no ripped or oily pages, this is mint, a real collectors item. I've tried to add a picture of this but it seems tonight my luck is out as every...
  15. Workshop manual covering syncros

    T4 Syncro Garage
    Hi folks, I am the recent owner of a '97 2.4D Caravelle Syncro. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever seen a workshop manual that covers the syncro system. Cheers Ali
  16. swap automatic for manual gearbox? 2.4 diesel

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, can anyone tell me if it's a straightforward swap? I have a donor engine with an auto box and i wish to keep the manual gearbox which is currently mated to the bogus engine. Thinking this should take me about 8hrs to pull the old engine and box, swap the box over and refit the donor engine...
  17. VW Caravelle T4 2003 Repair Manual ???

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all does anyone know where i can get a Repair Manual for "VW Caravelle T4 2003" as i need to sort the clutch and gearbox out ... Thanks in advance ... From Cape Town:) Marc Kamiga Travel
  18. handbook - T4 2.5TDI multivan 1997

    General Van Chat
    Firstly - hi to all, I've just bought my T4 2.5TDI Multivan and so joining you guys sounded like a good idea. I've already discovered mountains of useful information on the forum so seems I was right... Thanks to you all. Like many of you, I guess, I didn't get the owners handbook with my van...
  19. PDF service manual

    General Technical
    Hi I have seen on a thread that some guy has posted a link to a PDF file service manual for T4s. Beeen searching for hours but for the love of god i cant find it anywhere. Dont suppose anyone knows where it is or can post a link to it????:confused::confused: Cheers muchlyT:
  20. Gearbox for T4 2.0l petrol for sale

    Parts For Sale
    Hi I have a 5 speed manual gearbox taken from a 1993 2.0l petrol Transporter/Caravelle for sale. The code on the box is: 2 AYE 22051, from an AAC engine. I removed it from the donor van several months ago in the hope of converting my auto to manual. It comes with pretty much everything you...