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  1. T4 Conversions
    Having issues with my T4; the electrics and need a new clutch slave cylinder and lights fitted. Struggling to find anyone who has worked with this model before. Any advice on a garage in or around the Basildon area would be very much appreciated.
  2. General T4 Chat
    Looking for recommendations for VW T4 mechanics in Brisbane, Australia. Thank you.
  3. General T4 Chat
    Could anybody recommend a mechanic in or around the Portsmouth area to work on a diesel engine 2.4 aab engine? I have a problem with smoking from the exhausts that cleaners will not fix. Someones recommended a new fuel filter and filling it with cleaner for the first fire but I am unsure if...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I am looking for garage or mechanic recommendations around Derby. :* Since picking my first T4 up a few weeks ago she has been pretty noisy, she is honestly the nosiest van I have ever hear. After speaking to a few people at the local VW meet up they have recommended that I get it checked...
  5. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All I'm after some help please. I have a T4, 1994, 2.5petrol. It's been running poorly, the idle has been lumpy and will stall when coming to a junction. I've had several mechanics look who all say it's fine, it isn't as it's running like a tractor. I've had the Ecu reprogrammed and was told...
  6. General Van Chat
    A little bit about the van, I bought it accident damaged front end which wasn't a problem as I was facelifting it anyway, it's really quite clean and only got 120k on the clocks verified by vosa check. Now the problem it's been starting and running fine for a month or so but only for moving...
  7. General T4 Chat
    Not sure if this is th right place to post but have moves to SK6 and need a reliable T4 mechanic for general repairs. Any of you good people know of such a place? Cheers, JK
  8. General T4 Chat
    Hi, I've recently getting a ticking on a cold start and continues until it's warm. Don't think it's brakes or vacuum pump so believe the timing might need checking so wondering if anyone could recommend a garage or mechanic with all the equipment/experience to have a look over her reasonably...
  9. General T4 Chat
    Hi all.... Can anyone recommend a mechanic or garage that can help me with my T4. I know practically nothing about them and wanted to get it serviced by someone trustworthy. I am in Crewe Cheshire but I am willing to travel within reason though. :ILU:
  10. T5 Conversions
    Hi All. I'm totally new to this and about to demonstrate some possible rookie failings?! Just picked up a T5 LWB Shuttle conversion bought from eBay. I may be about to learn some lessons the hard way. There seem to be more 'issues' with it than were listed - and I need to urgently get a view...
  11. General T5 Technical
    Hello New to the Forum and learning tons, cool place. A shout out for some advice, looking to find a place or mechanic that specialises in T5's near me. Tired of being fleeced at the dealer and trying to find an alternative. General service and poss a new clutch after 90k ? Had a few vans and...
  12. General T4 Chat
    My van has just been into a diesel specialist as I was having problems with a lot of smoke on start up in the mornings for the first couple of miles. I was hoping for a little tweak here and there and all would be good... However I have now been told that cylinder 3 is running at 200psi and 1,2...
  13. General T4 Chat
    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can recommend a good reliable mechanic who's not afraid of ex AA T4 wiring in the Carmarthen / Cardigan area (west wales). The guy I was using seems to have disappeared without trace . Any personal recommendations would be much appreciated.
  14. General Van Chat
    Looking for a good VW T4 mechanic or garage in or around the Daventry/Northampton area Thx in advance Steve
  15. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi, I've just started up a mechanical repair shop in Cornwall. Now expanding the business I am looking for specifically a LWB 2.5TDI T5 looking to spend no more than 10K. Anybody know any for sale? Also looking to specialise in T5's in the future, so if anyone is near to my area and requires any...
  16. Engine & Gearbox
    Evening All. Im pretty sure that Ive got a water pump which needs replacing as i am loosing coolant, without evidence at a fairly alarming rate. Haven't got the time to do the replacement myself so would really like a reliable garage that someone from here can recommend. I live in Denham...
  17. Electrical
    Does anyone know of a sussex/kent/surrey/se london based mechanic who is experienced in by-passing AA installed immobilisers?
  18. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    My van was taken on a low loader to be repaired by a one man mechanic outfit. It did not start and basically it had to have new ignition switch,glow plugs,main control & relay switch and repaired wiring in fuse box. It cost me over £430 but at least I had it working. BUT it now feels as if the...
  19. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, I've had an absolute nightmare with a recently bought 2002 t4 2.5tdi. I bought it just before chistmas, with 130,000miles on the clock and within a couple of hundred miles its broken down. I was driving along at a steady 70mph, and the first warning I had that something wasn't right...
  20. Trade Experience Forum
    Just wanted to recommend Scottys Van Centre in Bicester if you're looking for a T4 mechanic. Recommended to me by a fellow Forum & Oxdubz member, they've carried out a service for me and swapped out my steering rack. Both jobs done in the time indicated, for the cost indicated, all as required...
1-20 of 26 Results