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  1. Bala (N. Wales) Transporter Meet Sat 15th Sept

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, just thought a heads up on this might not go amiss :) It's a meet up organised by the T4 North Wales Club (T4NW) to invite you join us on the shores of Bala lake, get some cracking pics and talk about vans :) Not sure what bit of the lake shore it is on yet, but will find out and...
  2. july meet

    Is there a meet tomorrow? if so where ?
  3. Alive and kicking and planning events.....

    Hi Guys and Girls, I'm back!!! After a spell with the lovely WakWak running the Region I have now returned to the helm with my trusty sidekick Alan (aka Beefabro). Jointly we run the regional group which has been thriving for the past two years since that first freezing cold meet in December...
  4. Dubfreeze - who's going?

    General Van Chat
    Just heard about a thayng called dubfreeze. Who's going, DUBs? :*I:T:*<:-)>
  5. November/Christmas Meet - Hamsterley Forest - Sunday 30th November, 2014.

    Tyne and Wear
    :ILU:The last Sunday meet of the year so please everyone try and join us! It will be great to catch up before the craziness of the Christmas period! Hamsterely Forest is a delightful 2000 hectare oasis, sprawling along the sides of a sheltered valley. We know it seems a little far for some...
  6. JERSEY Channel Islands ............ Who's who ?

    General Van Chat
    Hi Folks, I think it's about time we had a Jersey meet :) With an ever increasing T4 and T5 presence in Jersey, it may be an idea to have a get together. An ideal opportunity to make new friends, exchange idea's, show off your van or simply ask questions. Who would be up for it ? We...
  7. Sunday afternoon meet by the sea

    Last June, you may recall, or even turned up at, a gathering I organised at the Viking Ship Cafe near Ramsgate. Considering that no-one died and we agreed that they should be held on a 'regular' basis, I can now, a year later, announce the next one!!! This will be on Sunday June 8th from...
  8. Easter Sunday 20th April, 2014.

    Tyne and Wear
    :) Broom Farm, Durham www.broomhousedurham.co.uk We know it's Easter Sunday and a lot of you are away camping, but what could be better than to have a couple of hours fresh air with the family down on the farm to work up an appetite for dinner! Meet there at 1.30pm and bring some chocolate...
  9. Sunday Family Meet - 23rd March, 2014.

    Tyne and Wear
    :ILU:Little run down to Stockton this Sunday to meet up at Wynyard Park. Lots to do including an excellent outdoor children's playground, duck pond and wildlife, shop and tea room and woodland walks. Hopefully, the weather will be dry and bright. Come along with the kids or even the dog for a...
  10. Reading VW meet this Sunday:)

    VW Shows & Events
    Just a reminder that we are hosting a Volkswagen get together in Reading this Sunday and we'd love to invite you all to pop along to it (all models are welcome). Vehicle admission is only £1 (All proceeds go to Berkshire Search & Rescue Dogs). For further details please visit...
  11. Who's going to DubFreeze

    General T5 Chat
    Hi Guys, Who's going to DubFreeze - we thought we'd go tomorrow, who's going and who's camping!!!
  12. Pembrokeshire meet.

    General Van Chat
    Meet being planned for feb 2nd at propellers cafe at -11 am. Anyone fancy it??
  13. Sunday meet 29.12.13

    Tyne and Wear
    Hi boys and girls . This will be the last Sunday meet of 2013. It would be great to have a really good turn out to see in the New Year The Sunday meet will give everyone a chance to catch up and for the ones unable to attend the Wednesday nigjt meets they can join in with the group. Everyone...
  14. Ive had an idea about a meet in Chester please read

    General T5 Chat
    Hi Guys, Going for our first meet this coming weekend and looking forward to it however i had an idea while i was at Chester lakes car boot sale Chester lakes does all sorts of events inc Harley Davidson meets, they also encourage camping, fishing in the lakes I had a word with Dave the...
  15. Happy Birthday Oxfordshire Region!

    Just checked and the Meet last Sunday was the 2nd birthday of our Oxfordshire meetsT: We started with a handful of vans back in 2011, had our ups and downs, but last Sundays turnout of 30 vans and a great location shows we're doing ok! Thanks to all for the support - let's keep it goingT:
  16. Van Jamboree 17th-19th May 2013 Lincoln Showground

    17th to 19th May 2013. This is our local show on home turf so let's make it a great turn out! Three day show for all the family, all the usual show and shine, club displays, trade stands, entertainment, live music. We will have a forum camping area so we can all camp together. Should be a great...
  17. Beaulieu T4 forum August meet

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Been tryin to book tickets all day for the 18th and 19th of August. problems with website. Got on now but cofussed !!!!!! Do we buy 2 adult tkts and 2 camping tkts, 2 adult tkts and 1 camping tkt as camping in one van or is it ....................... Does anyone know ad there is very little...
  18. VW Expo Stonor Park - Sunday 3rd June

    Here's a big show for us to go to - the Association Of British Volkswagen Clubs' Expo at Stonor Park Nr Henley - would be great for us to make our mark down there this year T: We've got vans that could hold their own in the show, I'm sure - you know they'll love a load of T4s & T5s rolling up...
  19. Blenheim VW show - "Minis & VW's at the Palace" Sunday 25th Sept

    As the title suggests, and as some have already mentioned it, thought I'd put a thread up to see who's up for going to the 'Minis & VW's at the Palace' show this year? Obviously we can go as punters anyway, but if people are interested in entering for the show & shine, I could enquire about...
  20. Black Country Meet

    General T4 Chat
    So, I think there are enough of us around the Black Country to start a meet in the area. Not to tread on anyone else's toes (and if this does cause a problem, then I'd rather not bother ;) ), but if you're interested, and wanna suggest a place to hook up over the summer, then throw up a reply...