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    Hello everyone, We will be relocating to Hampshire in the festive season (oh why did we choose the busiest time of the year to move) after being in sunny Sussex for nearly half a decade. We will miss Sussex but we are looking forward to settling in Hampshire! That means we would like to know...
  2. General Van Chat
    Hey Guys, Am new to the forum and am looking to go to some meets. I had a look on the meets section of this forum but there doesnt seem to be any recent infomation on there. Any ideas where i can find this or when and where the meets are ?? Thanks Guys Ben
  3. Oxfordshire
    One of the big events of the year in our calendar, the Stonor Park show! This year, on the 1st June, we'll once again be lining up a fine array of T4s & T5s in the concourse area. We had lots of vans there last year and got a lot of attention (including a nice double page spread in VWBus...
  4. Oxfordshire
    *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> *<:-)> So here it is..... Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a great day - and get some goodies for all those lovely vans! Have fun, thanks for supporting the meets so well for...
  5. Oxfordshire
    So the big Beaulieu get together fast approaches - and we can get there from Thursday night, which is my plan.... Who else is heading down? When? Do you want to cruise down en masse? Looking forward to it, should be a good one - and I'm going to make an effort with the Pirate theme - hope you...
  6. Oxfordshire
    The usual meet date of Sunday 7th July is CANCELLED. Many people are off to CamperJam - see you there! We will be attending the Witney Motor Show this Thursday, from 6pm til 9pm. You can arrive before 6 to park your van up, and it's not a problem if you come later or need to leave before 9pm -...
  7. The Pub
    I've posted this elsewheree, but want to ensure that all who have anything to do with either Berkshire or Oxfordshire meets see this - and also thought the wider forum might enjoy at least one of the picsT: What a day! Last month saw this group (Oxfordshire region) pass the 2 yr mark. Today we...
  8. Oxfordshire
    June's meet date falls on the day of the Stonor Park show, so lets go there! http://abvwcuk.moonfruit.com/stonor-park/4575529161 There's plans for a cruise over, details to be agreed. Speak up if you want in on that. There is a thread started by Steve Tazz on the forum for anyone interested...
  9. Oxfordshire
    Just checked and the Meet last Sunday was the 2nd birthday of our Oxfordshire meetsT: We started with a handful of vans back in 2011, had our ups and downs, but last Sundays turnout of 30 vans and a great location shows we're doing ok! Thanks to all for the support - let's keep it goingT:
  10. Lincolnshire
    well worth the trip great bunch of people and really great turn out ,,, here some piccies from tonight folks sorry first time with my camera in the dark lol ,, see ya all soon in the new year merry christmas and a happy new year to you all
  11. Oxfordshire
    Monthly Meets - If anyone has any ideas or feedback, it'd be great to hear it! Anything you want to see, or do, instead or in addition to what we've been doing so far, just speak up! I don't want it to get tired, and it would be good to get a good plan together for the forthcoming year. Also if...
  12. Oxfordshire
    So it's Big Bang @ Santa Pod on 27th-29th April WEBSITE Who's going? I'm aiming to go for the Sunday, can't do the whole weekend, but would be good to go - anyone else?
  13. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    is there any meets in west sussex soon
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