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  1. Wanted
    Hi All, My swb T5 van was converted by T4 World, I've since fitted a rear window on the rear panel on the passengers side. I've contacted them but no reply so far. Does anyone know what the dark grey carpet they use is? The carpet is around the edges and enough to carpet up to the edge of the...
  2. Interior
    Spent a busy weekend carpeting the panels and metalwork of the van. I have put this job off for a while as I just could not get my head around achieving a neat finish around the drivers side window (have decided it is not worth messing around with the metal on the sliding door). I decided that...
  3. Interior
    Can any one help please? I've been using the Megavan clips to fit 3.6mm ply panels. They looked like this:- Nice snail shaped spiral make them easy to fit. I use a 10mm hole in the panel and they work fine. But the last batch I bought look like this:- Just a ruff quadrant cut out. Can't...
  4. Interior
    Before I place my order with MVM, does anyone know how many clips are needed to do the T5's lower barn doors, and the side sliding door? I'd count, but I'm not getting home until late and I need to remove the ply. I have a week off next week to carpet line my van, but I wanna hit the ground...
  5. Interior
    Got my carpeting finished and have written it up with images - see here if you're interested. I went for the Pacific Blue from MVM's. I like the colour - love that extra stretchy carpet. Next time I'm home I'm going to cover the ceiling in sand coloured carpet with LEDS. :ILU:
1-5 of 5 Results