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  1. Rain canopy not sun canopy!

    T5 Conversions
    Does anyone know of wind-out canopy for the T5 sliding door where the canopy is metal not fabric? I passed a parked T5 with a canopy that was multi-sectional metal, & looked a lot better suited to our climate than the usual fabric canopies. These are all described as sun canopies. Here in...
  2. Like rock music / stoner metal? New video from a band I toured with last year

    The Pub
    I helped some friends last year when their band went on tour with Karma To Burn - they're called Desert Storm. They've just released this video for the track 'Shadow Of An Eagle', features loads of footage from the tour T: they're supporting Orange Goblin on the London date at the end of the...
  3. DOWN - on tour....... Who else?

    The Pub
    Just saw today that Down have announced some UK dates - one of which is at the Roundhouse in London - great band in a great venue T: really looking forward to itT: Anybody else into them? Or what gigs have you got lined up?
  4. T4 badging

    General T4 Chat
    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the Transporter decal/word/metal badge that should be on the back door of a T4? Mine's missing and would like to source one to stick it on. Any help much appreciated. :) Thanks