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  1. Speedo/Tacho not working

    I have a Bilbos T4 1.9 diesel 51 registered camper. The speedo and mile recorder has stopped working. It was put in to a local independent VW specialist garage who thought it could be at the gearbox end (they tried changing a part but no joy). They seemed to think therefore it was at the...
  2. Clocking / Clocked T5 be careful!!

    General T5 Chat
    I thought I'd post this for the benefit of prospective buyers. Initially I was acutely embarrassed about having bought a clocked T5, especially having a bit of professional experience in the motor trade around used vehicles. But I'm over that now and actually I'm really enjoying putting the...
  3. Clock and Odometer LCD fault

    Hi All, My girlfriend's T4 ('99, T-reg) recently had an issue with oil pressure light coming on (with 3 beeps) and rev counter not working while we were away in Cornwall. A local garage down there replaced the cable and got a new oil pressure switch in. Shortly after this was fixed, the clock...
  4. LCD Mileometer and clock blank - ignition on or off - not fuses -

    The LCD mileometer and clock have stopped working on my 1.9TD 2000 (blue display). No display. No sign of any liquid crystal. They do not come on when engine is on or when off. Radio, internal lights etc. all working fine. I've checked all the fuses including those 'hidden' in the cover beneath...