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miles per gallon
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  1. General T5 Chat
    Hi all, I have put together a spreadsheet that I would like people to add to. It will help on the question that everyone asks. I hope it helps everyone... http://www.greenelement.co.uk/miles-per-gallon-for-the-vw-transporter/ I work as an environmental consultant and am very curious to get...
  2. General T4 Chat
    Hi i am new to the T4 Forum and i am looking for a SWB T4 to convert into a Camper/Day van. One thing i need to know before i go looking at them is what engine is best for the biggest MPG ? 80-90% of my journeys are spent on the motorway and i'm happy to plod along a 65mph. I am coming from a...
  3. General Technical
    Hi We are located on Somerset and looking to purchase a T4, preferably 2000 onwards and ideally a 5 seat option. We have heard that the 1.9TDi is far more 'thirsty' than the 2.5TDi. Can anyone clarify this please? Also, any other sites to lok at apart from Ebay/Piston Heads/ this one? Many thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results