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  1. Has anyone ever?

    General Van Chat
    I was wondering if any of you have ever successfully removed the parts from a pattern part / after market mirror and put them into your colour coded mirror shells? Thank you.
  2. Help a gal out?

    General Van Chat
    Hi all! I get my lovely T4 next week but I'm having trouble with insurance. Several companies won't insure unless parked off the street overnight. Does anyone know the width of a late T4 SWB with the mirrors folded flat or can measure theirs? Need to know if my new bus will fit through the...
  3. 2011 T5.1 Caravelle. Powerfold Mirrors on keyfob.... again

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, I know this has been covered a lot in various forums but I cannot find my specific answer. now before I go buying aftermarket relay\module kit I have questions. My BCM (Body Control Module) is 7H0937087F so with Cruise and powerfold mirrors. Now in the instructions I have researched it...
  4. Looking for Doka wing mirrors, anybody selling?

    General T4 Chat
    Have T4, Just looking for the pickup long arm Doka mirrors, I know they're pretty rare but just thought I'd ask! Ta in advance
  5. T5 Doka mirrors

    As title - anyone got T5 short or long arm mirrors for sale (or know part number if still available from VW)? Seen some on ebay for £170 but hoping for a bit cheaper :) Cheers
  6. Electric Folding Mirrors stopped working, what to check?

    While doing some other work on my 07 T5, the electric folding mirrors stopped folding when the switch is used. They still heat I think, and adjust, but don't fold - also I'm not sure if there's a relay or not, but I don't hear one click when I move the switch to the fold position. I pulled off...
  7. folding mirror problem

    Hi, I have had a fault with my window/mirror control panel, it was resolved by fitting a new window motor assembly then all problems went away except...the folding mirrirs now work alternately, when one is folded, the other is out and vice-versa, I suspect it needs coding but if anyone else has...
  8. Airbrush Artist booking

    Customising / Modding
    Hey all I'm taking bookings for any airbrush art here's an example of my work, don't hesitate to inquire about getting some custom work done cheers Si https://www.facebook.com/sigreenawaysigma
  9. Heated Mirrors

    Can anyone help a rookie please? My 2010 T5.1 has a heated mirror diagram between the left and right mirror positions on the electric mirror switch, does anyone know how this is activated? I have pushed the button down but there is no indication that this is then working. Any help gratefully...
  10. Electric window & door mirrors issue...

    Hello, I've just recently bought myself a 2004 T5 1.9 TDI LWB & I am having some very frustrating issues with the drivers side window and electric mirrors. Basically none of them work from the drivers side door switch. The passenger window works from the passenger side switch & also on turning &...
  11. T5 Folding Mirrors - Clarification Required Please

    I have a late 2006 / early 2007 T5 Shuttle that has electric and heated mirrors. I wanted to fit 5.1 folding, heated electric mirrors, so I have purchased a pair along with the switch. Not being lazy I've searched the forum and Google, read the posts and found this one really useful...
  12. 03-09 Mirrors. Parts list and an idea?

    Customising / Modding
    Hi all, When I bought the van, the previous owner had colour coded the mirrors and surrounding housing. It does look nice, but I am after a more OEM look so want to replace the entire mirror housing to the factory black. I understand that the factory only colour code the front mirror caps...
  13. Wanted:loom for electric mirrors

    I've decided to fit retro-fit a pair of electric mirrors to my van as some idiot decided to smash off my drivers side with what looks like a bat as it's completely exploded! Because my mirrors are/were manual I'm going to need the Loom from a van with electric mirrors. If anyone is scrapping or...
  14. Possible to upgrade to heated mirrors?

    Hey Guys, I just wondered, after a bit of searching on here without finding an answer, if it is possible to upgrade to the heated(not motorised)electric mirrors if your T4, like mine, has the standard manual ones? I just would like them heated because when they're all iced over it's so annoying...
  15. Door wing mirror stolen? Number plate's nicked? Security screw packs for both

    Built by Members for Members
    Door wing mirror stolen? Number plate's nicked? Security screw packs for both. I see that there are some thieving little, well you know what,s about nicking mirrors. Now a manual mirror is going to cost about £30 + about £10 for the glass and that's a pattern part. Vw original i don't know££...
  16. Heated Mirror Conundrum

    I've read a lot on the forum about heated mirrors but I think I might have come across something new, and I am in need of some expertise... My driver's side mirror heats fine - controlled by the "rear windscreen" switch on the dash. My passenger side mirror does not heat - this is the problem...
  17. Bits Wanted

    Hello, Im looking for the following bits, if anyone can help that would be great. [LIST] Side sliding door, with or without window. Colour is not a huge issue, Van being resprayed anyway. Electric window switches Mirror switches/control unit Door wiring loom both left and right I know the...
  18. Reversing sensors

    Can anyone recommend a good spark in the north west to fit my front fogs and wire up and a set of reversing sensors either that or reverse camera and recommend best value for money alternatives and put wiring in for split charger and interior led roof lights .... Also has anyone had a good...
  19. The heavy hand of irony.

    The Pub
    OK so I'm just back from 2 weeks in the South of France And I'm off to Beach Buggin tomorrow So thought I'd spend today emptying the beach out of my van, and getting the bugs off the front. All was going well until I decided to remove an old air freshener from the interior mirror. The...