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  1. AXD cylinder head modifications ?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, new member, bought an 04 t5 AXD but now suffering from leaky exhaust manifold and white smoke. Replaced manifold with a cast one and now in process of doing the injector seals. Noticed some wear in injector bores so not 100% sure the seal fix will work. Anyway... Is there a...
  2. Insurance Certificate

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    I've just renewed my insurance for another year with Brentacre, who I'm more than happy with. One thing I find strange, and just wondering if this is normal and correct: The van had a pop top fitted last year, so I notified them and increased the insured value to cover buying a van of similar...
  3. Best Insurers for T5 conversions/mods?

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    We recently bought a T5 2.5 TDI panel van and we put in a rock and roll bed (roadworthy one with the certifications etc) and I'm realizing that the insurers I am with will be charging me an arm and a leg every time we do any modificatins to the van. We want to put in some windows in and turn it...
  4. Deposit paid - looking for insurance to collect

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi All, I've been scrolling through posts and still cant find what I'm after, so I was wondering if anyone can help? I have finally taken the plunge and getting rid of my car for a T4 T: I've recently placed a deposit down on a T4...
  5. Insurance HELP!

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all, my first of many posts!! Today I have agreed to buy a 2010 T5.1 transporter panel van with tailgate and collect on Tuesday. Can anyone guide me to the right insurance please. I have a car policy that runs out in June but think it would be easier to just cancel this rather than change...
  6. T5 Kombi Bulkhead Advice Needed - pls Help if poss

    Hi, I've recently bought a T5, and although there's a million and 1 things on my list of mods I'd like to do i really could do with a bulkhead fitting behind the rear set of seats (2+1). Reading the posts i hear there's a company called motexion who make them. However i also read that they...
  7. T4 quest begins! Mmmm insurance?

    General T4 Chat
    I'm brand new out the box t4 forum newbie A:and I'm starting a journey on my 1996 t4 lwb 2.4d "gonzo" (blue,ugly but funny and easily loved)! My first dilemma is insurance, the van has been lowered and alloys fitted so the mods have started but I want the right insurance, any advice would be...
  8. T4 / T5 Vinyl Printing for vans

    Parts, Tuning & Styling
    Hello! We are currently considering budget-priced but quality vinyl printing for T4 and T5 vans. Initially, the VW logo at a size of up to 450mm in diameter, ideal for exterior styling on any part of the van (we tried it on an angle, straddling the bonnet and front wing and it looked ace...
  9. Tailgate extra storage mod

    After looking at the tailgate decided that the space was wasted and could be put to better use with these sprung loaded eyelets that are usually found in the boots of most VW's or Audi's. Getting the tailgate panel off was the worst but it came off in the end and worked a treat. Enjoy the...
  10. K&N panel filter

    Parts For Sale
    This is a panel filter, part number 33-2675, it fits the VW Santana 2.3L V5 but Awesome GTI had it listed for a 1.8T engine. I'd like £25 posted to anywhere in the UK, PM me and I'll send a pic of it, its ready to go. It's only done about 15K miles and its all boxed and has all the original...
  11. T5 Parts Clearout

    Parts For Sale
    These are parts that have been on my van and have been upgraded or replaced. I am funding new front seats and other modifications. I have the original interior light from the van, it still has the soldered wires atached to the terminals where I've got the LED lights in the footwells, I can...
  12. Hello from JK Autospares

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hello folks, Just thought i'd stick up a topic to give you guys a brief introduction and history of JK Autospares. JK Autospares was opened in 1996 as a Hard Parts Store in Belfast, moving quickly into Modification after the first few years. As the company grew and formed good working...
  13. 15" lcd tv

    Life Style
    I am selling a Mikomi 15" LCD TV which is silver. It is fitted with a stand but this is removable and a swivel wall bracket can be fitted. Ideal for any conversion, it has a scart socket in the rear and RGB sockets for DVD players etc. It has a 12V, 3.1A, 38W power supply and comes with a...
  14. T4 toys???

    General Van Chat
    I am looking for some styling toys for my short nose T4, things like smoked/angel eye headlights, chrome grill, bull bars etc... Any ideas of websites or good companies as i am fed up with dealing with cowboys.:ILU: