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modified t5
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    Hi All, My wife and I used to do the VW Shows 10 years ago before the kids came along. We have now started out with a few camping trips and decided to buy a Camper. So, at the weekend we treated ourselves to a 2013 T5 Camper. 102 with a remap to circa 150-160 Now we want to make a few changes...
  2. Vans For Sale
    For Sale - £19,500 - Genuine Interest Only Newcastle upon Tyne Full Specification Here Volkswagen T5 Caravelle S - 2.5 TDi 130 BHp 2003 - WX53 YTW - RHD - Reflex Silver 5 Cylinder Diesel / 6 Speed Manual 120,000 Miles / SWB / 7 Seats / Pop Up Caravelle Table / 5 Doors Recently serviced...
  3. Customising / Modding
    Dial upgrades available http://www.vwdialadapters.com I've fitted both heater an headlight dial kits great quality T:T: Really easy to fit ,in the kits you get the knobs an adapters there is a choice of chrome or black knobs too :D They also sell front and rear badges in black an other cool...
  4. Team Red
    Well here she is factory trendline kombi 140ps Salsa red had her from new an done a few mods already lol black badges an wind defectors
1-4 of 4 Results