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  1. buy or avoid? advice needed.

    General T4 Chat
    VAN 1 ; 2003 LWB T4, 89k recent cam belt, It is insulated and boarded in the back but other than that is empty. Has captain seats in the front, on swivel bases, it has the electric pack so electric windows, mirrors and rear window. It is a tailgate lab model and has no rust on the vehicle over...
  2. JK's Winter Rebate is back!

    Just Kampers
    Hi All, I just wanted to let you know that JK's Winter Rebate is now Live :cool: This means that the more you spend on parts and accessories for your T4 or T5 with JK, the more money we'll give you back T: Here's a link with some more information...
  3. Whats She Worth

    What's it worth?
    Hey You Guys........ Its coming to the stage that i am thinking of selling my beauty as I want to start all over again. Its become more of a hobbie than a Van. So with this in mind i need to gauge what shes going to fetch and who better to ask but you lovely lot.... Theres a couple pics...
  4. think the wallet is due for another draining!

    General T4 Chat
    and not on anything bling sadly! Glow plugs seem to have decided it's warm enough outside so have stopped "glowing":( and the clutch cable has taken all the play away!:( So Dennis is off to the man that can later for a bit of diagnostics the ungrateful crate, :* only just done service...