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  1. Happy Birthday Oxfordshire Region!

    Just checked and the Meet last Sunday was the 2nd birthday of our Oxfordshire meetsT: We started with a handful of vans back in 2011, had our ups and downs, but last Sundays turnout of 30 vans and a great location shows we're doing ok! Thanks to all for the support - let's keep it goingT:
  2. www.no-rice.co.uk

    Clubs & Forums
    http://www.no-rice.co.uk/ A bit of a tenacious link, I know, but it's a good place to go for inspiration and some of the vans on here wouldn't look out of place... A word of warning, though, some of us may feel old... In a similar vein there is also... www.edition38.com
  3. North East - Tyne and Wear - Metro Carpark - Joe

    English Regional Forums
    First meet of 2009 will be held on Wed 8th April 09 from 6.30ish at the Hot Rod meet, Metro Centre Car Park - outside Toys R Us. We will meet slightly further down from McDonalds (you will see when you get there), to try and park together, as it can get busy. There should be plenty of other...