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  1. Will a diesel pass a emissions test with a dummy cat ?

    General T5 Chat
    Was looking into getting a full exhaust system with dummy cat from pptuning . Was wondering will it pass mot , on inspection or emissions? I have a 2006 pre dpf 2.5 AXD engine , the plate value is 0.8 , if I'm looking at the correct number . When getting stuff like this done do you need to...
  2. MOT Stricter Emissions - take action now

    Engine & Gearbox
    MOT stations have been advised as of today 15/04/2019. The plate value (where available) shall be used and recorded for all future tests. Where the plate value is on record that should be used in all future tests. My plate sticker was on the crash structure above the R/H headlamp. I replaced...
  3. Headlight Replacement

    Hi All, My van came with some fandango headlight gubbins (DRL, Devil Eyes?) which my MOT tester has informed me will fail this year due to the lack of a repeater bump. I've trawled this forum looking for the easiest way to proceed and I'm now of the opinion that replacement with an original...
  4. Garage Recommndation for T4 West London

    General Technical
    I have a 1997 T4 SWB 1968cc petrol transporter campervan and would be very grateful if a member could recommend a garage for MOT & Service. I live in Ealing West London and hope there is somewhere fairly local that I can use. Thanks Spin
  5. 2007 volkswagen transporter t30 84 tdi swb red ***no vat***

    Vans For Sale
    2007 volkswagen transporter t30 84 tdi swb red ***no vat*** £9000 ONO Very reliable and stylish van. Only selling due to new purchase. MOT until April 2016 TAX bracket K = £290 per year Mileage 103k All belts changed at 80k Electric windows and mirrors Air conditioning 8 seats 20 inch Alloy...
  6. T5 mot/service/respray in west yorkshire

    General Van Chat
    Hi everyone! I live near hebden bridge and am new to the area and looking for two things: A reliable place to service and MOT my van Somewhere to get a full body re spray Can anyone recommend anywhere? Thanks! Matt
  7. T4 Caravelle 1993 (Petrol) Failed on Emissions

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there. Am new to this forum and brought my first T4 - Caravelle, 2.0 petrol 1993. It has just failed its MOT on emissions - the 2nd idle test gave a CO reading above what is acceptable. Any ideas? I think I also have a bit of a gap in the exhaust manifold as on taking off it sounds a bit...
  8. Changes to MOT March 20th

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Finally the changes to the MOT are coming on March 20th - just in time for the Easter Hols That's air bag lights etc, etc, etc...
  9. MOT Failure on Lowered Coils - Any Advice?

    Steering & Suspension
    MOT Failure on Lowered Coils & Decat - Any Advice? Hi Guys, Anyone got any advice for me on my MOT? I just had it into VW van centre for a new Cambelt and got them to do an MOT while it was in there to try and save me time - that has monumentally backfired! They sent it to Peugot!!! for...
  10. Top ball joints BARNSLEY STYLE!!!

    Steering & Suspension
    Mot time + Ropey garage + t4 = top ball joints need doing!!! Well..... not wanting to pay some 16 year old spanner monkey to do an half d job my bro took it on. We used the most common extraction tool............. a massive hammer! (widely available in all good diy shops) I took pics along...
  11. Structural MoT welding - Bournemouth

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi all I'm hoping that someone can recommend a decent garage that is familiar with T4 repairs in or around Bournemouth. Weird thing is: my Caravelle went through the MoT without an advisory last year, this year I'm being told it's shot! So guys - can anyone shout out for a decent business in...
  12. stainles decat and the MOT?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Any one had any problems with the new mot rules? Heard that if youre van had a cat when it came out of the factory it now needs one? Mines due for an mot this mo th and only had the decat fitted 8 months ago any one know any more?
  13. Headlights - Dipped Beams off When Main Beams On?

    Hi, My T5 just failed its MOT :blg The reason given was when the main headlights are turned on, the dipped beams go off and apparently they are supposed to remain on. The tester suggested that it was the wiring loom that feeds trailer lights - which I did have rewired earlier this year -...
  14. Rear seat's

    Hi there, I have done a quick search and am struggling to find any info on this. I have just bought a T4 and am converting it, i would like to fit a double bench seat in the rear. does anyone know if i will need to get the van a new MOT after installation? also what is the procedure for swapping...
  15. MOTs to change?

    General T4 Chat
    Just thought this was interesting and wondered what people's take on it is regarding T4s(or any vehicle for that matter, I guess). MOT every 2 years would be kinda nice, but then you may get a bigger, uglier surprise when the test does come along! :*...
  16. MOT Failure for SS Side exit pipe??

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all :) It's approaching that time of year again, and since the last MOT I've had a SS side exit pipe from T4S RUS fitted. The garage that do bits and bobs on my van (and sort the MOT through the local station), well, they always seem to be dubious as to whether the guy at the testing...
  17. Alloys question

    Wheels & Tyres
    I bought my t4 last august with a set of the worst looking alloys imaginable. Im now in a position where i can afford new ones. Just wondering, if i put say, a set of 18" audi or vw alloys on it will it go through mot? The van was mot'd last july before i bought it but i dont know if the guy...
  18. Jan 1st 2012 MOT changes

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Just been on a Vosa seminar on the new changes coming into effect... With regard to OBD checking , the extra time needed in the test varies for each vehicle from 7 to 20 minutes, so they are still working on that one - that is the a run through of the whole vehicle system, not just the engine...
  19. Massive MOT failiure...advice please..

    General Technical
    guys our bus failed the MOT yesterday in a bigger way that expected. i stopped the guy adding up the potential repaires when he reached £500 due to the fact we're skint!!(starting a new job next week after 18months redundant!!) now im not sure if i should park it up for a while, or sell it to...
  20. Audi Lights MOT - Epic fail

    General Van Chat
    Epic epic fail really like the look of them, but really wished I had not bothered, really close to fitting the old lamps back :eek: As above just gone into the garage for the MOT Audi lights made it fail on 6 separate points 2 my fault for poor up / down alignment when I did it 2 for not...