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  1. electrical gremlins

    proud owner of 2004 t5 shuttle in the best colour red (conversion to follow):D passenger electric window not working. passenger mirror not working. didn't tell him about this.forgot .. took to auto electrician,,he said passenger window motor gone. took apart tested motor working from 12v direct...
  2. Sliding Door Central Locking Actuator

    Hi. Is there the same actuator/motor part in the sliding door as in the passenger and drivers doors? Just wondering before I go stripping down the panels to get at it.

    My windscreen washers have stopped working on my 1992 Multivan (left-hand drive). Yes, the washer bottle is filled with washer solution, but no sound at all when I flick the lever at the steering column. I suspect the motor has stopped working (I am no expert in these things, but keen to...
  4. T4 2.5 Petrol - idle dies.....

    Engine & Gearbox
    I recently bought a T4 from 94, and it has a idle problem. When I start it, it goes for a few seconds then it dies. Otherwise it´s running perfectly as long as I give it some gas. I changed the idle-regulator but no change, I also changed the airfilter but no change... What could it be...
  5. t% Windscreen Defroster Flap Motor part number?

    General Van Chat
    Hi All I'm trying to find the part number for the windscreen Defroster Flap Motor for a 2007 2.5 T5 Caravelle. I did a VAGCOM check which bought up the following fault code: 00710 Defroster Flap Motor - V107 Any ideas what the part number may be? Thanks for you help.
  6. T4 window mechanism year 2000 drivers side

    My drivers side ( O/s rhd ) electric window motor has packed in on my year 2000 t4, i am after either a complete manual mechanism..a new working motor or complete electric window mechanism with motor so i can open my window again..cheers
  7. Wanted t4 central locking motor genuine one in green not black !

    Hi i'm after a central locking motor for my 2000 t4, it is the green coloured one not the black one...i have the black older version as a spare in my collection of stuff but it has different connectors...anyone got one or just the electric motor from the inside so i can rebuild it..cheers
  8. Climatronic - Repairing the V70 Central Flap Motor

    This has fixed my 01272 fault: ROSS Tech Wiki says: 01272 1 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70) 1.1 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70): Faulty 1.1.1 Possible Causes 1.1.2 Possible Solutions 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70) 01272 - Positioning Motor...
  9. Vw transporter t5 electric window regulator motor kit

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  10. Vw transporter t5 electric window regulator motor kit

    Parts, Tuning & Styling
  11. Electric Window Motor Passenger side - Caravelle

    The passenger side window does not work on my 2000 Caravelle. I have been quoted over £250 + labour for a new one and it does appear that it is an extremely expensive part from VW, as it seems to have the function to prevent closure if something is still in the window so is sensitive in some...
  12. Starter Motor

    Starter Motor for a 1.9TD ABL :eek: