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  1. T4 Multivan Buddy seats for sale on eBay

    eBay Listings
    Hi, I am selling a pair of Year 2000 T4 Multivan buddy seats on eBay. Just listed, each in its own listing. Very good condition, with brackets. We just bought the van and have swivel bases arriving soon for the Captains seats and dont want these. Please share with anyone you know is after...
  2. Where can I get Multivan Allstar stickers/decals?

    General T4 Chat
    Hello everyone. Recently I purchased a 1997 T4 Multivan Allstar which needs some reparation. As the original paint has lost shine and some rusty elements need to be replaced I will paint it all over with the original color. I would like to keep the original Allstar decals (bonnet and both side...
  3. Axle weight for a 2014 Multivan / Velle??

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi All, Just recently moved out to Aus and bought a 2014 T5 'Multivan' (2.0 TDi with DSG gearbox). Things are a bit different out here with a distinct lack in Van Cult. From what I can gather; the Multivan seems to be a rebadged European Caravelle? It was the closest thing we could find to what...
  4. Interior transistor/flourescent light T4 Multivan 1993.

    Hey all! Does anyone here use the flourescent light in their Multivan? This is my van, from 1993: Just bought it 3-4 weeks ago. The light fixture is situated above the foldable table: A closer inspection: Without the cover, exposing the circuit: When I bought the van, the power...
  5. OEM under seat leisure battery size

    so i just bought a factory t4 seat base with leisure battery tray from a multi van i guess? to go with the two captains seats and i'm wondering if anyone knows whats the biggest battery you can fit into it? cheers in advance
  6. Floor rail fixings

    General Van Chat
    Does anyone know where you can buy something like this in the UK? T Screws for multivan floor rails I've hunted the web for hours and not found anything. I'm making a board with bike fork quick release mounts that i want to fix into the caravelle floor rails so that it can be removed quickly...
  7. SWB with rear bike shed - Enough room for a caravelle bed?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi, I'd like to see if you can help me figure out if my conversion plan is possible. Essentially I'd like a caravelle/multivan seat configuration with a multiflex board for sleeping on in a T5 SWB. I'd also like on occasion to keep 2-3 mountain bikes in the rear of the van overnight with a bike...
  8. Where's the 'OFF' switch !?

    ........... for the blower in the rear of a MultiVan !? I've got a Climatronic system in my MultiVan ( BigBlue ) ......... there's a big vent in the rear of the van just behind the passenger seat. A couple of weeks ago I was messing with the aircon system, and since then I've not been able...
  9. Here's a first ! ........ 'BigBlue' disassembly thread

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Hi all, As the general idea of this section is the 'build thread' section where people show off their skills, share ideas and learn new tricks, I thought I would do something completely different ! :D Basically the story is, I have recently bought a used MultiVan. I live in France so...
  10. Bringing Australian Multivan to UK??

    General T5 Chat
    Greetings All, I am a proud owner of a 2012 Multivan (138 bhp), DSG , 46000 Km on clock, which we bought a year ago here in Brisbane, Australia. The van has been great. We are heading back to the UK in the next few weeks, and I have the van up for sale as I thought shipping would be too...
  11. Meet 'BigBlue' ....... so called as she's a 151bhp German import

    Team Blue
    Hi guys, Just perusing the forum as I'm at a lose end, and just remembered I hadn't 'registered' BigBlue in the team ! I bought it a few months ago now, as driving around in France in my 2.5 TDi rhd wasn't ideal :eek: so having a French registered lefty is far more convenient. It's...
  12. Mountingpositions for VW T4 LWB

    T4 Conversions
    Hi! I hope someone can give me a hand. I´m about to mount a Multivan-sleepbench in the back of my LWB. I have learned that it is supposed to work out just fine and that it will provide me with 400mm of extra space in the "livingarea". I have figured out where the mountingpositions are supposed...
  13. (Engine Problem) 2.5tdi acv What could it be???

    Engine & Gearbox
    So my van 96 Multivan 2.5TDI ACV has been in the garage (i live abroad) for 3/4 weeks and they still don't know what the problem could be. It suddenly started making a loud tractor noise under acceleration or just revving the engine, also loss of power especially when accelerating. The loss of...
  14. Will caravelle door trims fit on a basic T28 Transporter?

    Searched on here and the www and I can't seem to find a definite yes or no I have the change to buy these They are from a UK spec caravelle and I'm told by the seller they will fit any T5, but there seems to be a few posts on here and other forums that say they won't fit as the ends of the...
  15. Automatic gearbox, RPM and gear shift

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi I am totally new to the aut. gear box and have been looking around the forum and can't seem to find the answer. Multivan 2001 2.5 TDI 102 Aut. (Atlantis) Mileage on car = 230K Milage in gearbox = Approx 125K ATF just replaced. Gear shifts are smooth I understand the shifting will depend on...
  16. T5 Long seating arrangements

    Hi I've been looking into purchasing a 2012 T5 Multivan Long and I've been trying to find any picture / diagram of all possible seating arrangements and inside dimensions related to these arrangements, but not luck so far. Can anyone tell me if such diagrams are available? The Measurements and...
  17. VW T4 Window Van SWB 102Bhp TDi Manual 2002–£7,495 ono

    Vans For Sale
    The advertisement is for a VW T4 2.5 Window Van 2002 right hand drive with air conditioning in India blue £7,250 on an `02` plate. Link to photos below: http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/album.php?albumid=33321 I have owned this van for over four years and covered about 34,000 miles in it. The cam...
  18. Multivans

    General T4 Chat
    So where have all the Multivans gone!! When I'm not in the market for one there are loads about for sale and as soon as I'm ready to buy one it dries up!!!:confused:
  19. T4 Multivan access to leisure battery.

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hello all, Recently bought a LHD 95 T4 Multivan with a Westy pop top which is my new pride and joy (a giant leap forward in drive-ability from the t25 California I had before!). Have been busy sorting out the snags, but am a bit puzzled at how to get to the dead as a dodo leisure battery...
  20. Fridge, heater, leisure battery in caravelle/multivan

    General T5 Chat
    So have you caravelle/multivan owners out there installed a fridge, overnight heater and leisure battery to your van? If so where have you fitted them so that you still have the flexibility of the rail seating and conversion to a bed? Thanks for any info. Pics would be good too T: