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mushroom bolts
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  1. General Van Chat
    Facing the stark reality that at some point in the not too distant future I'll need to look at letting go of my beloved T4 as I live within the ULEZ zone coming into force in London. Trying to work out what to get as a replacement and one thought is a ULEZ compliant Transporter - most likely...
  2. Interior
    Hello. I just bought a front passenger seat with the seat base from a newer t4 (2002 model I think) and I want to change it with my old seat (96 t4 model). The problem is that the base for the newer seat base was fastened with nuts in the front on to studs sticking up, and hexagonal bolt screws...
  3. Interior
    Hi all , am about to convert ny van . Presently has two folding leather captains on 400 x 400 spaced mushroom bolts with a pop up T5 table between them .(they will be up for sale eventually) Question is .......... Is there a folding double that will fit in rear after units are fitted ? and if...
  4. Interior
    Hi .... can anyone offer any help regarding size and fitting info for a folding double seat ?? Am planning on camper conversion in my 888 , I currently have two folding centre seats ( the nice caravelle leather ones) hence I have 8 mushroom bolts in floor . What is the overall width of a...
  5. Parts For Sale
    SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD Double bench seat for the rear of a T4 taken from my 02 exAA (folds over too). This is a quick release seat that clips in to mushroom bolts in the van floor which are also included (pretty pricey...
  6. General Van Chat
    Hi all, I have just purchased some rear seats for my T4. I now need 6 mushroom bolts and I believe a retaining plate for underneath van. Is this correct regards the plate and any advice and where to acquire such items? Many thanks ClaretT4
  7. Wanted
    For a 1997 T4 2.4 diesel with a manual gearbox. After a passenger side handbrake actuator, dash clocks and mushroom bolts (with spreader plates, etc) so I can fit seats from a Caravelle into my panel van... Can anybody help? Would also require it posting (UK postal address) Thanks in advance :)
  8. Wanted
    Hi all, van failed its test yesterday; amongst other things, speedo not working. I live in Germany (although UK postal address) so speedo has to work the same as it does for German TUV (think you still get away with it in UK at the moment). Van is a 1997 2.4 Diesel Short Nose SWB with manual...
  9. Interior
    Yet again VW dealer efficiencies are apparent. No help at all! Need some up to date part numbers for the longer rear seat mushroom bolts as the 703####### numbers are now no longer available. Is there another option for installing the seats? Tried a few eBay types but they are either so...
  10. General Technical
    Hi Guys Dose anyone know the difference in length between the long mushroom bolt and the standard one ?? Also any ideas on the price many thanks steve
  11. Parts For Sale
    REDUCED: T4 Caravelle double folding seats (middle row) and mushroom bolts Hi there, I'm converting our van and have some bits for sale. Middle row of seats - these are in very good condition and include a middle folding armrest. When they are folded down they double up as a handy table...
  12. Parts For Sale
    Mushroom bolts x 6 £25 posted or £20 collected few signs of wear and tear due to nature of them! the washers have surface rust on the bottom (not seen when installed). Cheers Si
  13. Parts For Sale
    I've got some rear double seats for sale - here they are in situ. They have headrests, fold flat and are quick release with four mushroom bolts and the extra seatbelt (with bolts) included. Inca fabric in superb condition with no marks, burns or anything. Out of the van and ready to collect...
1-13 of 13 Results