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  1. iPhone Dash Adapter for VW T5 2007

    Afternoon. What are folk using to connect iPhones (for Spotify) to the stereo? I have a 2007 T5
  2. Post your favourite music video ........ bit of fun !

    The Pub
    Hi folks, As the forum' been a bit quite of late ....... particularly for us T4 owners ! I: I thought we'd have a bit of fun :D Here's one of my fave's ......... Enjoy ! Oh, and don't forget to turn that volume up, if you've got half decent amplified speakers on your PC all the...
  3. New speakers in 2007 T5

    Maybe an easy question but my 2007 van has bad music quality. I don't want massive tunes but just good quality. Thinking of upgrading speakers. What speakers can fit into the doors? Easy to replace, get out? Is it easy to run wires around back or over the top and put another set in for rear...
  4. Hurst Dub Fest June 2015 with Chas'n'Dave

    VW Shows & Events
    Hi VW campers! Us at Hurst View in Lymington, New Forest are holding a dub fest on the 12th,13th and 14th June 2015. We'll have music, food, beer tent, face painting, bouncy castle, falcons, ferret racing, a shop on site and CAMPFIRES! Our headline act confirmed as Chas & Dave! Book your...
  5. Amps Not Powering Up.. Muchos Confusedos!

    OK. So I have two amps (mono). One was running a bin in the back of the van. It 'stopped working'. I bought another, it was fine until it 'stopped working'. Obviously I thought I'd blown them both, fueses etc were fine. Get the amps back from the car electric repair man and whatt do you...
  6. Fellow T4 owners I need your help

    The Pub
    Hey guys I really need your help. My band is currently over a hundred votes behind in a competition we've entered and we need your votes. Its easy to vote and it takes two seconds. So if you can take some time just click this link and follow the instructions its easy peasy...
  7. Fellow t4 owners i need your help!!!

    General Van Chat
    Me my band and my van would really like to play this in the Beach Break festival. But we need votes to do so. TO VOTE open the link below and follow the instructions, it takes 2 seconds. http://www.beachbreaklive.com/en-uk/competition/battletothebeach/entry/145 I will be eternally grateful...
  8. New speakers and panel on front of CF bed

    Hi All, I've noticed with the big ugly gap at the front of the CF bed and the lack of rear speakers I needed to come up with something and visiting a few shows gave me some ideas, but I wanted something different than the usual plain VW symbol. Visiting a well known emporium of all things beef...
  9. Back2Basics 2012 14th-16th Sept

    VW Shows & Events
    Great family show that welcomes ALL VW's whether they be Air or Water, Front or Back, Camper or Car. This show is about relaxing, having fun, see some great vehicles and enjoying ourselves. 10 minutes from Jct 12 of the M40 or 20 from M1/M6 & M69 this is really easy to get to some come along...
  10. Yamaha Rydeen drum kit

    My son is selling his black Yamaha Rydeen drum kit to fund the purchase of a new kit. The bass drum has a Remo head and is 21" in diameter. The snare is 13.5" in diameter and also has a Remo head. The floor tom drum is 14" in diameter, the high tom is 10" in diameter and the medium tom is 12"...
  11. Wheres there best place to put rear speakers?

    Can anyone advise me about where best to put rear speakers. I would like a better sound system as I don't wanna blow the vw speakers in the front. I wondered if I could put them in the divider that is behind the front seats?
  12. Dashboard Speaker size please???

    Just to save me the trouble of popping the front (I understand this is LAZY) could someone that knows please tell me the size of the standard speakers in the dash. And maybe recommend some good replacements? its an 03 t4 888 if that makes any difference? I just dont think I fancy fitting my sub...
  13. Adverts & music..

    The Pub
    Hi all. Just seen the ad for the yorkshire based Plusnet, with Heaven 17. Got me thinking, what ads have you seen that featured music from your youth? Just a vid too:
  14. music reminders

    The Pub
    music I'm new to this T4 lark, but certain records always link with certain things. I've always been a fan of both dance music and rock/metal etc, but am a massive Queens Of The Stone Age fan. I bought my T4 this month, and the first week went out to pick up some cheap alloys a guy was selling...
  15. New show North East this weekend

    VW Shows & Events
    Hi New to this forum but have just got myself a T4 its a bit rough as it came from a builder, but I have the whole winter to turn it into a cool surf bus. There is a new show which is run by Durham Dubs this weekend 12/13 Sept 2009 @ Witton castle County Durham. http://www.durhamdubs.co.uk its...