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newbie needs buying help
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    Hello all, just a short line or two to say how much I am looking forward to owning my first VW Campervan, my wife and I are nearing retirement so looking very hard to purchase preferably a T5, so stand by for lots of questions and requests for advice and information - Thanks in advance Mike T:
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    Hello everyone, My fiancé and I are looking to self-build a T5 camper conversion and, after much googling brought us to this forum, decided it would be best to join up. We currently own a MY2010 BMW 320D with all the mod-cons, so chopping this in for a bog-standard van might prove painful...
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    New guy here and a virgin veedubber although i've been around them for years and had the ripped out of me for just as long for driving tranny's and voxxy's. The time has come to give in to the dark side, douse the flames of desire and get a T5. I'm actively on the look out. My voxxy is up for...
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    Hullo, I'm brand new to the Forum (about 3 minutes so far, read one sticky post!). In short, I'm looking to buy a ready-to-camp T4 (possibly T5 if budget allows) conversion in 2015, unless someone offers me a good PX on a C4 Grand Picasso! The van will be my commuter (50 miles/week) and main...
  5. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, after years hiring motorhomes for festivals and camping trips it's finally occurred to me I should buy my own van, and I could do with some guidance from experts. We are a family of 4, the kids are 11 and 6, and our 11-year-old daughter is severely disabled, has special needs and uses a...
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    Hi All, Well i'm finally going to go for it. Buy a T5 that is. Plan is to make it a Kombi style day van or a full on camper. I've got so many questions as the more i read the more confused i get. First what is the best engine (MPG quite inportant) i've read the 1.9 has better MPG than the 2.5...
1-6 of 6 Results