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noise reduction
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  1. Interior
    Hi Everyone. Can anyone give me any ideas on reducing the noise of a full bulkhead rattling when driving? Starting to do my nut in. All bolts are tight and fitted properly. Thanks
  2. Electrical
    I've got a pioneer AVH 5200BT head unit (expensive single din one with screen) going into 2 amps and whenever I turn the ignition on I get a high pitched sound coming through the speakers??? I've heard about Pioneer stereos having problems with the internal earth track but was wondering if it...
  3. Interior
    Hi folks, I am trying to reduce the noise in T5 (SWB Panel Van) cabin because I am partially deaf and the noise in cabin makes it difficult for me to hear the radio/phone kit/have a conversation etc. I know the noise is not THAT bad but reducing it would make my life a little more comfortable...
1-3 of 6 Results