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  1. T5 rear number plate screw holder

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Switching the plates on our T5. One of the rear screws is corroded so much that I can't get it out of the plastic holder/retainer that sits in the tailgate. The whole thing comes out though so at least I can get the plate off. Is a trip to the service desk at VW the way to get a new holder? I...
  2. Search for Plate-Font

    General Van Chat
    Hi everybody, I'm searching for the font used for numberplates in the sixties, as for example the famous plate LWM 28IF on the beetle on "Abbey Road" Cover. Can anyone give a hint? :* Thx
  3. Best way to fix pressed number plates

    General T5 Chat
    Hello all Just received my pressed number plates from Dubflecta and they look great! Just wondering how best to fix them now. What have most people done? I have read about drilling holes and fixing them straight on. Any advice on this? I suspect would be easiest to use old number plate as a...
  4. Whats the best way to sell my numberplate?

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but if anyone could help me out that would be great. I bought a car with a custom numberplate which I hate but I think others might not and I want to sell it. The plate is "H15 COV" I can see this being quite popular but quite frankly I have no...
  5. T4 van

    Customising / Modding
    I saw the number plate T4 VAN today, and to my annoyance it was on a stupid pickup style truck. It should be taken off them. Do they not know!!!!:eek:
  6. numberplate T87 DUB

    eBay Listings